First Conversation With Srila Sridhara Maharaja, Part 9


Dec 06, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) —

BCS: Maharaja, isn't this the understanding, that the spiritual master is accepting disciples, but he is offering the disciples to his spiritual master.

SM: Yes.

BCS: That is the mood of Ramesvara Maharaja also. He is accepting disciples but he is feeling unqualified…

SM: At the same time, at the command of his guru, he will be prepared to give facility to his disciples as he gave. At the same time he must…

BCS: I am not qualified, but my spiritual master is qualified so let me offer these disciples to his lotus feet.

SM: But still, I am taking this risk. Why? By his order. I am taking this risk. And __mentally___ he should be sincere to that path that his spiritual master is all, he is nothing. But by command of his guru, he will sacrifice his whole self, mind, body, everything. karmana, manasa, vaca. Not only the mind but the words as well as the body.

DKS: So when Mahaprabhu says amar ajnaya guru hainya, become spiritual master, doesn't that mean qualify as spiritual master?

BCS: Mahaprabhu is instructing that amar ajnaya guru hainya. Doesn't amara ajnaya guru hainya mean that first become qualified to be a guru, that is vaco vegam manasa krodha vegam, etc.? At first you qualify yourself to be a guru and then you deliver the conditioned living entities.

SM: So it proves that amar ajnaya, he must have faith in His command. Sufficient faith, that will be the first qualification. The faith, the sraddha, then he will take the risk and do the necessary. Otherwise he will dismiss… Oh, He says and that… vanishes in the air and what shall I do?

BCS: But Maharaja, isn't this very important in this respect, that he has to have the link with his spiritual master, that very strong link…

SM: He may convert from grandeur to plainness. Plain, plain method he may accept, but that method should be accepted as it is necessary to draw maximum attention of the disciple. That is necessary. Then that method may not be… most gorgeous but plain, but roughly what is necessary for the purpose. That should be allowed. Karman, vaca. Not only word but also in mind and also in body.

BCS: Another important thing to consider in this respect is that… ISKCON, Prabhupada is the founder-acarya of ISKCON.

SM: Of course.

BCS: ISKCON is Prabhupada's creation.

SM: Yes, so it is very clear, just as ___rupanuga,___ Narrotama paribat (followers and we are rather inclined to say that we are Bhaktivinoda paribat, and you will all say we are Swami Maharaja paribat. As the stalwart, just as in the vamsa, the gotra, and the ____________. The gotra is coming from the origin, gotra. _____________ means stalwarts among the descending line, __________ Sri Swarupa Damodara, Rupa, Raghunatha, Jiva then Kaviraja, in this way Raghunatha, Kaviraja there, Jiva, Kaviraja, Narrotam, the selected few coming down. So Swami Prabhupada is one of the stalwarts in the parampara, the _____ spiritual generation.

BCS: The disciplic succession.

SM: One of the stalwarts is he who spread throughout the length and the breadth of this earth prthivite ache yata nagaradi gram/sarvatra pracar haibe mora nama, that we are that paribat, we are connected with that paribat. Special respect for his, that may be there.

DKS: Ramesvara Maharaja feels that he should not be honored by his disciples with titles that are equal to those of these stalwart acaryas. SM: It will be to deceive the disciple. He must have such boldness to attract their faith and transfer it to his gurudeva. Once in Kathak, in the sea from Gaudiya, the Vyasa Puja, that is the birth ceremony of our guru maharaja, was celebrated in Kathak Math. Prabhupada was given a throne to take his seat, and so many others, big citizens were invited, including the father of Netaji Subhas Candra Bose. Janaki Bose was a leading pleader at Kathak at that time and many other elites were invited, and they were taking a seat in the ordinary floor. Of course there was some carpet, etc. Then Prabhupada in his address told that "I am being given so much honor, garments, then worshipping, sandals, flowers, so many things, and many things are being read in my face. A beast in the zoo, he would also be ashamed to take such worship amongst so many gentlemen; so many elites are here and I am taking the worship. An animal is also ashamed to accept such honor amongst so many things, and I am not such… bashfulness? I am not ashamed to take such honor _____________ so many gentlemen? But why I am accepting such honor, such respect? To show that my guru is deserving this such honor. And only on his behalf I am accepting so much honor to me, only to send it to my guru. This honor is for my guru. I am nothing without my guru. I am being worshipped because I have got his words, his advices. I have accepted them so I am being honored, otherwise not. So on his behalf I am accepting and it is public _______ and though it is a very shameful thing, still … at heart though I am aching, but I am accepting on my behalf to show that my guru's position is such.

DKS: He is accepting, but for example he won't allow his disciples to call him Prabhupada because he is reserving that name for his spiritual master.

SM: (laughs) You see…

DKS: So how to make some adjustment.


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