Gita Jayanti Celebrations, Vrndavana


Dec 02, 2017 — VRNDAVANA DHAM (SUN) —

This November 30th, our Vrndavan Krishna Balarama Mandir celebrated its 18th Annual Recitation of the Sanskrit verses of the Gita Mahatmya and the entire Bhagavad-gita in the temple courtyard. It was a wonderful community event and we thank everyone for their participation, including the chanters and those who helped set things up.

We began by 9:30 a.m. with a short aroti to the Bhagavad-gita, and finished the ecstatic recitation at 12 noon, followed with Ekadasi Makana (lotus puff) Prasad, a big draw! At least 800 Bhagavad-gitas were distributed in the temple that day.

As Rohini Suta prabhu led the 18th chapter's very last verse, the conch blew for Sri Sri Krishna Balarama's noon arotik. It was such a stunning thing that he recited that last verse thrice to each blowing of the 3 conches. Adbhut! Our hairs were already standing on end for this chanting. Thrilling at every moment!

For your information, the following devotees led the chanting for the devoted crowd of around 500 community and visiting chanters: H.H. Radha Raman Swami, Amrita Gopi devi dasi, Rohini Suta das (ACBSP), Gauramani devi dasi, Dharmaraj das, Sureshvara das, Sitasundari devi dasi, Krishna Kirtan devi dasi (ACBSP), Vyasaki das (ACBSP), Tiramala Govinda das, Premanjana das, Mukunda Datta das, (ACBSP), Gudakesa das, Saranga Thakur das, Devananda Pandit das, and Tirthapati das.

Hope your Gita Jayanti was as awesome as ours.

Your servant,
Parvati devi dasi


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