Sridhar Swami


Sep 09, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

In regards to Srila Sridhar Swami and his input in the early eighties, it's on record all the conversations he had with some of the GBC at the time as well as those who felt something was badly wrong with the way ISKCON was proceeding at that time.

In these conversations he is clearly heard to say that the GBC should immediately allow more devotees to take up the service of guru. He also said the post of Acarya is difficult to operate within such a large organisation, and that worship of the guru should be done privately by respective disciples, as not everyone would have the same faith in each other's guru.

He also advised there be a guru board, comprising of gurus who could give feedback and help other gurus to correctly carry out the service. It was Sridhar Swami's opinion that this was not the service that should be directly carried out by the GBC, because the position of Sri Guru is not management but one of spiritual director of disciples.

He also is heard to say that he does not want to take any position within ISKCON but advise it, which Prabhupada had indicated.


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