Sep 09, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

I saw yesterday a picture of Bhakti Caru Swami on a vyasasana decorated with hundreds and hundreds of flowers and Caru enjoying, with his folded hands, in his usual ostentatious, hypocrit attitude of piety and great devotion. Around him, fools who are blind enough to consider demons as saintly persons. It's looks completely offensive to Lord Caitanya's and Prabhupada's mission, but we should not be disturbed by that to the point it will take our strenght, happiness and energy. We have to see that as a very very temporary joke due to the material nature.

We know from Bhagavad-gita and also from experience that people influenced by raja-guna see things in an inverted way. And so demons as saintly persons and saintly persons as demons. It is only the normal way to consider things for people in passion. Therefore, with a little time and other persons arriving on the scene, all those people will, as quickly as they started to worship those demons, completely reject and forget them. And those demons will find themselves fully given up by all.

    "…for one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death." (Bg 2-34)

And that is only the first step of suffering! After, comes the almost eternity of pains which is waiting for those leaders who have hijacked Srila Prabhupada's Movement to the highest point.

To resume the whole thing, in the eternal time, not even one 1/1000 of a second of prasthita, money, enjoying etc.; for later and very soon, an almost eternity of very hard suffering for having betrayed the pure devotee, Krsna, the Sampradaya and mankind. And nothing anymore to do against that!

The nature of foolish demons is that they are completely in illusion and always feel very strong. To the point when, in one 1/10 of a second, everything breaks! Very often, it is not even necessary to wait for death for that! And it is precisely what is going to happen for the demons we are speaking about.

Therefore, I "hope" for them that they have enjoyed a maximum, because their end is very close. They will not even have the pleasure to remember their past pleasures. All that will be completely rubbed out from their memory and consciousness. That is how things are working. So, good luck to them and be brave! These fools are already like a mouse in a cage in front of a snake.

The funniest, if we want, is that the demons always think themselves very strong and able to stand for themselves all the kinds of sufferings they can imagine. And therefore, favour the present moment. Of course, all that is already an illusion. In the novel "1984", the hero in jail, in the beggining, imagines that he is ready to eventually suffer more if it can save his beloved, also in jail. But at the first very ordinary stroke on his shoulder from a guard with his club, he completely falls down from his illusion and concludes that the only thing we can desire with suffering is that it stops!

Krsna is very clever and so, suffering never comes in the way we were thinking……


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