Vaisnava Attitude


Sep 07, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

Vaisnava attitude... ah! How many times I heard or I was told, in emergency, those two words associated with: "You don't have a...." "This is not a…" or "You must have…" etc. Two words which, very curiously, you can not find even once in Srila Prabhupada's books or in any Sastras!

Of course, like in any other society, we have codes of conduct, natural courtesy, etc. But that is valid only if everyone is behaving in a normal and acceptable way! Do you imagine a woman being raped and saying: "Well prabhu, first please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I think prabhu, with all the respect and consideration which I must have for you, due to your position and to the fact that you are my elder, that possibly you should not do what you are doing. Which according to Hari-Guru-Sastras-Sadhus and my humble understanding of them seems not to be parampara. Could you please reconsider the possibility that what you are doing at the moment is maybe not right."

That looks absurd. However, it is exactly what the leaders post-1977 have invented and established. You can say almost everything but only in such a way that it will never have any effect and will never disturb all the crazy abuses of the leaders. So, appearences are ok, you can speak… but in fact, this brilliant invention of "the Vaisnava attitude" is only there to lock everything in favour of those who have hijacked Krsna's and Prabhupada's Movement.

This so-called "Vaisnava attitude", which again you can find nowhere in Prabhupada's books, looks very much like the "novlangue" in George Orwell's novel "1984". This novlangue was made in order to reduce the language, so that people could not any more express what they were feeling.

There is a real emergency to get rid of those demons. Stalin's purges will be a joke compared to what is coming.


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