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Sep 01, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

Perhaps there are three things in our spiritual lives that are important to us: first, our own personal spiritual development; second, our endeavour to preach and serve; and third, the structures of the society we represent. All these are individually important, but in order to have any influence in the second and third things mentioned, our primary duty to ourselves is advancing in real terms in deep Krishna consciousness,the path given to us by Srila Prabhupada, our current guides and all our previous Acaryas.

In order for greater cooperation and understanding between ourselves and to advance the cause of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, our Founder-Acarya, placed a lot of emphasis on management affairs in the process of democracy, with his GBC, and he expected them to do the same. Of course, among qualified proven men and women. This democracy takes place on all levels, as a good manager listens to the people he or she represents. Without those qualities your so-called management is dead in the water.

Although in our own lives, our own spiritual advancement is the priority and overrides everything else, for instance to perfect one's spiritual life one does not take any position except das, das, das, but should it be placed on your head or if you feel a strong need in your heart to see to management affairs, then fine. Otherwise doing another's duty is not recommended by Krishna.

In daivi-varnashrama all things are incorporated nicely in Krishna's service, and advanced sensitive devotees who are practically minded and intelligent know the art, but they must have primarily in their hearts deep Krishna consciousness and the sincerity to develop ISKCON nicely, as Prabhupada wanted.

I think proper development of the democratic process throughout all levels of ISKCON management will greatly assist the society, and give assurance that everyone is best enabled to serve, and it could begin from GBC appointments. There is a need, of course, to decide just who could have the vote, but trusting in the hearts and instincts of proven senior men and women would be in my opinion the desire of Krishna.


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