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Aug 08, 2019 — LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (SUN) — Paramananda das Has No Answer for Tulsi Gabbard's Congressional Abortion Record

Facebook exchange with Paramananda das (Srila Narayan Maharaj disciple); former editor and writer of Sastra Caksusa and Nimaipandit.ning. Current Bhakti Yoga teacher at Pure Bhakti

Paramananda das:
That is not good if Tulsi supports abortion.

Suresh dasa:
Tulsi Gabbard and her devotee supporters claim she doesn't support abortion. However, Tulsi Gabbard has passed many laws that have resulted in the murder of children, and blocked many laws designed to protect them. Which is more important then, in your mind - her words and promises as a politician, running for office, or her actual actions and deeds as a Congressional law maker in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Paramananda das:
Tulsi has my vote. She is the only devotee candidate.

Suresh dasa:
First you said "that is not good if Tulsi supports abortion", which is of course disingenuous, because you don't really believe it. Then when evidence was produced to prove to you she actually passed many laws to increase abortion, you never looked at it, dismissed it, and then declared your support for Tulsi!

Tulsi Gabbard is a devotee.
Tulsi Gabbard supports the murder of babies.
Devotees murder babies?

Difference between religions:
Christians protect the babies but kill cows.
Devotees protect the cows but kill babies?

Paramananda das:
Where is the evidence Tulsi supports abortion? Many Democrats are not supporting it.

Suresh dasa:
Why are you playing dumb? I already gave you the evidence above, of Tulsi Gabbard's actual Congressional abortion law making, that has resulted in the deaths of 100,000's of children, proving she supports abortion, but you never looked at it, dismissed it, and kept on arguing, as if it doesn't exist?

Paramananda das:
I read she said no to abortion and no to tax payer funding for abortion so that is good.

Suresh dasa:
This is really good to hear. Where can I read her statement where Tulsi says "no to abortion and no taxpayer funding for abortion" as you claim?

Paramananda das:
It is there in the link you shared, she voted no to support both bills.
This is her stand according to what I read:
Abortion should remain legal and accessible. (Jan 2019)
I consider myself pro-choice. (Sep 2012)
Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Feb 2014)
Funding abortion avoids discrimination against poor women. (Jan 2015)
Constitutional right to terminate pregnancy for health. (May 2015)
Endorsed by EMILY's list for pro-choice Democratic women. (Aug 2012)

Teachings of Kapiladeva Lectures
..."The atheist class think "this birth is taking place due to our lusty desires, but we do not want to take responsibility. Then kill him." Therefore, they are making this abortion, killing of the child, as legal. The kama… "We had some lusty desires, and we got it, but we don't want it. Kill it." That's all. This is going on. This is atheism."
~Srila Prabhupada

Suresh dasa:
What you said is that you're for Tulsi because she stated:
"no to abortion and no tax payer funding for abortion". I asked you to give me a link to her statement, so I could go read it for myself. Then you claimed the proof is the Congressional Voting Record I shared from, which anyone may view at the above link or by searching:
"Votesmart Tulsi Gabbard Pain Capable Abortion"

Tulsi Gabbard's Congressional Voting Record:
* Abortion should remain legal and accessible. (Jan 2019)
This means Tulsi voted for abortions to continue, and they have. Just in 2017 alone, over 300,000 babies were put to death, because of the laws Tulsi Gabbard helped pass to kill children, and block protection for them.

* I consider myself pro-choice. (Sep 2012)
Pro-Choice means she's pro-abortion. Pro-Life means she's against abortion.

* Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Feb 2014)
Voted No - This means Tulsi voted to continue aborting children.

* Funding abortion avoids discrimination against poor women. (Jan 2015)
Voted Yes

* Constitutional right to terminate pregnancy for health. (May 2015)
Voted Yes

* Endorsed by EMILY's list for pro-choice Democratic women. (Aug 2012)
Tulsi received special recognition from both Emily's Choice and Planned Parenthood for promoting abortion.

Tulsi Gabbard passed as well as voted against 4 really important and key abortion laws:

S304 - Conscious Protection Act
Law stipulates no fining by the government of states and local governments who fail to perform abortions.

HR36 - Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
Law stipulated no late term abortions, when children are fully conscious and can feel pain as they're burned alive and torn apart in the womb. Exempted children from protection, who were conceived of rape or incest, the big liberal argument why abortion is necessary.

HR3504 - Born Alive Protection Act
Law stipulated to protect children, who survived an abortion and were born alive.

HR3134 - Defund Planned Parenthood assigned to murder children.
Tulsi Gabbard VOTED NO - the infanticide shall continue.

So, how do any of the above laws and statements that Paramananda das shared back up his original claim that "Tulsi Gabbard said no to abortion and no taxpayer funding for abortion"?

Paramananda das has offered some graphic images to show why state sponsored abortion is a cleaner kill of children, than doing it in a back alley endangering the life of women, because at heart he supports state sponsored abortion, but this has nothing to do with Srila Prabhupada's instructions and teachings, to not engage in protesting against abortion, by encouraging it. Paramananda das is solely taking the woman's side, her right to choose to murder her child, offering no rights to the individual child over their own life and death.

Srila Prabhupada taught his disciples to not to support politicians who don't follow our religious principles, and to only having sex inside marriage, with the aim to rear children, not to enjoy recreational sex, and therefore not to engage in birth control or abortion. If Srila Prabhupada and Srila Narayan Maharaj's disciples don't follow their own teachings, and excuse Tulsi Gabbard's abortion activities, in order to promote her political campaign, then how can they rightfully claim to be authorized Vaishnava representatives and teachers?

Srila Prabhupada taught that abortion itself is a side issue, and that the real business of his mission is to solely promote Krsna consciousness activities, which alone can change the hearts of atheistic people, so that abortion, meat eating, and other sinful activities become a moot point, in time, due to a change of heart.

But, if Paramananda das takes the position that he supports state sponsored abortion, then he's fighting in opposition to Srila Prabhupada, so how can he claim he represents Vaishnavism and Bhakti yoga? Paramananda das then posted some scriptural evidence as well, but nothing of what he shared upholds Tulsi Gabbard's support for mass murder of children. None of the evidence he supplied proves his claim that Tulsi Gabbard said "no to abortion and no to taxpayer funding for abortion". This is the usual modus operandi of many of Tulsi Gabbard's devotee supporters, from all the sangas – make a false claim, provide no evidence to back it up, but if anyone challenges its validity, then they quote scripture, and try to bluff or block.

My only conclusion, then, is that Paramananda das is lying about this issue, engaged in a cover up, which is a very dishonest position for one claiming to be a representative and teacher of Bhakti-yoga and Vaishnavism.


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