Tulsi Gabbard Has No Honor



This is a rebuttal for the false argument that "Tulsi Gabbard had to pass abortion laws that allow murder of unborn children to even be able to run for office, as a Democrat", proving that Tulsi Gabbard has no honor.

This is the false, canned, asleep argument being passed around by Tulsi Gabbard's devotee supporters, to excuse her support for mass murder of children, claiming that Tulsi Gabbard had to kill children in order to run for office on the Democrat ticket, and that she was just voting along party lines.

This argument is very similar to the Nuremberg defence by Nazis running the death camps, justifying their mass murders – "they were only following orders". Why don't devotees have more intelligence to see through the dishonesty of this load of crap they're pushing, and disassociate themselves from the Democrat Party's demonic Tulsi Gabbard campaign?

Tulsi Gabbard's campaign regularly chastises President Trump for putting his own political interests ahead of the public, and yet Tulsi Gabbard is guilty of the same, and is a hypocrite as well. There are many Republicans in Congress who've voted against abortion and to protect children, and that didn't stop them from running for office. So this is a lame excuse Tulsi's supporters are using, when Tulsi's true intention was to solely promote her own political career by passing laws throwing 100,000's of helpless babies under the bus, to suffer and die alone.

Next, they argue if Tulsi had a conscience, stood for the children and left the Democrat Party to run as an independent, then she'd have no chance of being elected on the Democrat ticket for president, and how then could they throw that horrible demon Donald Trump out of the White House - their true intention? One wonders if these devotees ever believed in protecting children? Some certainly weren't above molesting them.

Tulsi claims she has served the country with honor during her 16 years in the military, and yet she had no honor to stand and protect helpless children, who couldn't protect themselves. Children who could feel pain as they were burned alive and hacked to death, to be sold for organ harvesting, stem cells, and food flavorings. This proves that Tulsi Gabbard is no Vaishnavi. The public will rightly ask then, since ISKCON devotees are actively promoting Tulsi Gabbard's political campaign, as synonymous with Krsna consciousness, why do Vaishnavas murder children?

Tulsi Gabbard has no honor.


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