The Journey Home: An Open Letter to the GBC


"So fashionable! Your Majesty is beautifully attired
in a stunning new outfit that is perfect for today's yoga lesson."

Aug 01, 2019 — INDIA (SUN) —

PART SIXTY-ONE: Do You Really Believe that Krishna is God and that Shrila Prabhupada is His Representative?

    "We will present our program exactly in the line of Lord Caitanya, by kirtana, prasadam distribution and speaking from Bhagavad-gita. We cannot deviate even an inch in order to attract the followers of the ecology philosophy or any other materialistic, utopian movement. Our ideal Vedic community will attract everyone on its own merit." (Srila Prabhupada, March 3, 1974)

Dear Members of ISKCON's GBC:

I beg to offer my obeisances to any sincere Vaishnavas who might still remain among you. I bow at the feet of any one of you who actually believes that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that we—each one of us—is an infinite fragmented part and parcel and His eternal servants. And that realization, whether with me, or you or practically anyone in the entire world, is only by the grace of ISKCON's Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, to whom each of us owe everything.

While some GBC members make motivational videos about being sincere human beings, there is a great necessity to demonstrate your own sincerity in Krishna consciousness by speaking up—i.e, to preach Bhagavata dharma—since the light of truth and the fresh breeze of honesty are needed at this time more than ever before. There has never been a greater need for the courage to stand your ground and represent Shri Guru and Gauranga than right now. While gutless so-called "leaders" revel in their positions by mumbling pseudo-wise hogwash on Youtube, the Krishna consciousness movement is under assault by the eternal enemy of devotional service—and that is Mayavada and the Mayavadis.

There is no doubt that by ongoing series of articles exposing the bogus swamis, shunyavadis and mundane religionists who are hyped in Radhanath Swami's The Journey Home has ruffled a few of your GBC feathers. Of course, that applies especially to those of you for whom the post and position in the GBC are an easy "business as usual" and "secure appointment for life." Still, it may shock such members among you to know that sitting on the GBC does not entitle you to either a comfort zone or to the post of instant paramhamsa. And neither does wearing the badge of a GBC mean that you can do no wrong. History proves that the GBC has done much that is wrong, beginning with the GBC-approved zonal era when, within weeks of the heartbreaking departure of the Founder-Acharya, GBC members hopped onto thrones right in the temples of the spiritual master and then practically took ISKCON off the map, while taking down dozens of their own GBC-approved "gurus" with it. Little was ever done to rectify the great harm to Shrila Prabhupada's family. While many suffer alone to this day with broken hearts for what the GBC did, there are still many perpetrators who remain propped up as members of an elite force.

"Hurry, Your Majesty! Your garments are stunning—and your Yoga Master is waiting
to award you with your Grade Level One Beginner's Yoga Certificate.

We are not some envious enemies of the GBC who enjoy taking random pot shots at you because we secretly covet your positions. Those you can keep. Rather, our feeling is to entirely support the principles that the GBC was founded upon, because those are Shrila Prabhupada's direct instructions. Krishna consciousness is not atheistic or anarchical like some Journey Home "instant swami" with no link to any bona fide disciplic succession. On the contrary, Krishna consciousness is based on shastra and following the Absolute Authority given by the Supreme Lord Himself through His bona fide representative. It is up to the GBC not to manufacture some new atheistic procedures that have no foundation in truth, but rather to see that the will of the Lord is carried out to the letter, as spoken by the Founder-Acharya. This was and is the direct plan of His Divine Grace Shrila Prabhupada.

Therefore, since I believe in what the GBC is supposed to be, at least, I write to you as your best friend and would-be supporter. Only a true friend will inform his friend when he has gone off track, when he is losing control and is about to crash. It is the sober friend at the party of drunken colleagues who has the thankless task (over the objections of the inebriated partygoers) to get the foolish revelers home safely. And with the publication of The Journey Home it appears the GBC has abandoned its Vaishnava sense and honor in exchange for the intoxication of Maya.

Only an arrogant ignoramus can paint himself into a corner and yet refuse to admit that he is stuck there. In the same way, the relatively small amount of power allocated to GBC members—and, make no mistake, Krishna consciousness is still a small organization in the world—has been seen to intoxicate some of you to the point where you appear incapable of heeding good counsel. Those devotees who humbly offer their wisdom are immediately shut down by a hot hurricane of pseudo-wisdom blowing out of your ivory tower. Therefore you require a wake up call, and my series on the Mayavada infestation caused by the GBC members who support the proliferation of The Journey Home has been more than a mere alarm clock; it is the wailing siren of the ambulance. That is because your GBC is on the fast track to making a complete farce out of Prabhupada's movement and to yourselves by destroying everything wholesale from within.

The GBC was proposed, appointed, created and organized directly by Shrila Prabhupada to see to the propagation of his Krishna consciousness movement strictly upon the simple and basic principles he repeatedly outlined in his books and other communications to disciples including lectures and letters. Becoming a GBC member was never supposed to be a ticket to arrogantly transcend the message of Krishna consciousness. It is not a free lunch for becoming free from any obligations to humbly serve the Vaishnava community within the Hare Krishna Movement. GBC is a responsible managerial post that does not imply becoming an elite group of instant self-appointed paramhamsas. The post of GBC does not entitle its members with a carte blanche to write any non-parampara baloney, which is what The Journey Home and other similar books like Nectar Drops and Life's Amazing Secrets are, and pass these nonsense off as shastra.

As pointed out from the dozens of articles in this series, The Journey Home is an infectious virus that you as the GBC have quietly allowed to spread throughout the Hare Krishna Movement. You are responsible for a deadly epidemic of global proportions within the heartbeat of ISKCON. Your poor leadership has misled hundreds of thousands of members wholesale. Thanks to this lack of courage on your part to preach genuine Krishna consciousness and to address the wrongs to Shrila Prabhupada's organization by your fellow members, Krishna consciousness today is marked more by mass bewilderment than spiritual realization despite its many positive aspects.

Your abject lack of courage in the face of this Mayavadic onslaught has turned ISKCON into another guru cult—or rather a secretly splintered and loosely organized array of guru cliques—much like the personality cults run by rascal yogis and avatars that are glorified in The Journey Home. With its motivational gurus and yoga parlors, ISKCON has gone from the yoga of devotion to the New Age sort of "yoga" that tells you to feel good about yourself and your sense gratification.

Even your GBC Minister of Sannyasa had to run to some atheistic yoga group to get himself "certified" (at a lower level, by the way) as a Iyengar yoga teacher. What was the value of that—and what sort of example does this "yoga certification" set for others who wish to become sannyasi preachers in ISKCON? This sort of "yoga certification" was never approved by Shrila Prabhupada, who considered these things a nonsense waste of time. There is no such precedent in the entire chain of parampara—yet you GBC members blithely spread such manufactured nonsense concoctions of Mayavada yoga. while pretending as though this is the way it always has been in ISKCON.

If these deviations are not originating with you, the GBC, they are supported by you and they must come to an end if you are to do your job and serve your spiritual master by standing up and speaking the truth, i.e., preaching Krishna consciousness. True preachers of the Lord's message are bold; they are not cowards hiding away from the truth they claim to represent.

You all must be familiar with the Hans Christian Anderson story of "The Emperor's New Clothes". The vain king became so enamored by his own position that he bought a set of invisible garments from a couple of crafty swindlers posing as tailors and paraded around naked in his new attire. It wasn't until a child spoke up that the fawning crowd could admit that their king was marching around in his birthday suit, which turned the king into a laughing stock. With the publication of The Journey Home and its actual manifestations of yoga classes today throughout ISKCON, the GBC has become no different than the naked king. ISKCON has hundreds of thousands of followers, and yet none will speak up and tell you the truth—that you have deviated far, far away from the path given by Shrila Prabhupada and Krishna consciousness. But when someone does raise his or her voice that you are parading around in the altogether, you become a pitiable and naked laughing stock.

You have allowed The Journey Home to be sold in the temples that are under your watch. This defiled book has photographs of rapists posing as swamis alongside the holy images of our divine masters, Shrila Prabhupada, Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati and even the Supreme Lord Shri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu Himself. You have allowed this false and imitation "journey" to be sold with a picture of Lord Shri Krishna next to a pile of filthy skulls. How dare you? How could you stoop to such a pitiable lowlife level to insult Lord Krishna in this way? Are you all so stupid, so void of reason to allow the Supreme Personality of Godhead to be offended while you pose as His representatives? What gives you the right to insult Krishna in His Society for Krishna Consciousness? How could you possibly allow such offences? This is nothing but a case of mass hysteria in ISKCON coming down from the top—FROM YOU. Do you actually believe in what Shrila Prabhupada gave the world—or are his teachings only a convenient ploy for you to get your free lunch?

I am writing this with tears of anguish in my eyes and a dagger in my heart from the pain that this book The Journey Home has caused. If you actually do believe that you are servants of the parampara—and that ISKCON is not some cozy cult wherein you can live off the suckers comfortably—then how could you allow the beautiful picture of the flute-playing Supreme Lord to be placed next to a pile of skulls? Do you not recognize that this is offensive and therefore something is terribly wrong with your management? Do you not understand that there can only be very serious repercussions when the Supreme Lord and His beloved pure devotees are belittled in such disgusting and heartless ways? Shrila Prabhupada suffered terribly to save us—what did all those fraudulent Mayavdi swamis pictured in The Journey Home ever do for you that you should so shamelessly publicize them? Is this due to the GBC's ingratitude, ignorance, complacency or a lack of faith in the eternal spiritual master—what is your difficulty?

Look what happened to your fellow GBC, Rabindra Swarupa, when he kicked a pujari. He was brought down within months. He became GBC Emeritus, which is one of your euphemisms for GBC-reject. Like a beggar, he turned to the generosity of Facebook members to appeal for a monthly stipend of some thousands of dollars so he could "write", yet what literary contributions has he made—or is he capable of making? He noted that he was at that time the same age as Shrila Prabhupada was when he came west. Yet is this Shrila Prabhupada's example? Or is this the GBC standard, the example you set and follow—once a free luncher, always a free luncher.

As Shrila Prabhupada often said, if you—the GBC—can't do your duties to the spiritual master and his society of devotees, then punar musika bhava: you can all become mice once again. And doing your duty means to please Prabhupada by banishing Mayavada from ISKCON—and not by opening the front door (after kicking the sincere devotees out the back door). This means that you must immediately stop all New Age mundane motivational videos and prevent GBC members and their disciples from making such videos unless they expressly preach Krishna consciousness. You must ban lessons in mundane yoga that are ostensibly taught under the auspices of ISKCON but which are CHEATING THE PUBLIC. And finally, The Journey Home must be banned from all ISKCON centers. There is no room for Mayavada and Shunyavada in Shrila Prabhupada's ISKCON.

The Journey Home: Got Big Corruption

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to read this.

Your friend in the service of the genuine Vaishnavas,
… and not the Mayavadis who dress as Vaishnavas,

Kaliya Mardana dasa Brahmachary


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