No Secrecy No Privacy


Aug 12, 2017 — DENMARK (SUN) —

"Na hi gopyaṁ hi sādhūnām: "Sādhu, those who are saintly person, for them there is no secret."

There is no secret. There is no privacy.

A sādhu, sādhu has no privacy.

Just now in our ordinary social affairs, there is difference between private life and his public life.

Now, if somebody is teacher... Now, he is very good teacher. He can very good... He can explain very nicely a subject matter, but his private life is not very good.

Then he is not a teacher. He is not a sādhu.

That is Vedic conception.

One must be a teacher according to his own behavior in life.

There is no secrecy or privacy.

Now, we think that "We don't mind what is private character. We don't mind. We are concerned with his teaching."

No. That sort of teaching will not have any effect.

Caitanya Mahāprabhu said, āpani ācārī prabhu jīverī śikṣāya: a teacher must demonstrate in his practical life what he is teaching.

That is the meaning of ācārya. VĀcārya means the teacher must demonstrate things by applying the same thing in his own life.

That is called ācārya." (Srila Prabhupada, 1966, New York)


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