God is Love and Love is God, Part 2


Aug 12, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

It looks like, more and more, this idea of reducing Krsna to only one aspect becomes the present fashion and way to speak to peoples' and devotees' hearts. It is right that in such a materialistic society, persons are in such a lack of real love that to present God in such a way is a very easy means to immediately attract their attention. And it works!

Of course, it is true that supreme love is included in all Krsna's pastimes and life. But to always resume Krsna to this particular feature is a sign of ignorance. Do you imagine your own life (couple life, family life, etc.) permanently on the marked domination of love? Maybe you already even have tried that? And very quickly, have checked and understood that it is something completely artificial and that you cannot breathe very long in a normal way while imposing on yourself and onto your family such a prefabricated mood.

Of course, love must always be there, as much as we can, but it is only one background, subtle, light, permanent component among many others. And at the end, after "many others". Not a heavy one! Which becomes predominant only at some moments. If, as far as I know, Srila Prabhupada said: 'Don't try to love Krsna for you will love Maya', it was not by accident! And, of course, people who are always stressing this feature of "love" generally reveal themselves to be the worst persons, the most sectarian and the most full of hatred! That is not a big surprise! Persons who feel such a necessity to permanently point out "love" are the ones for whom love is the most un-natural and they have to struggle the most not to do evil.

So, one easy artificial way to make Krsna Consciousness much easier for oneself and others, when we are not able to do what is necessary to reach perfection, is to take it and to draw it to other platforms much easier to attain. Such as impersonalism, sahajyism or materialized Krsna Consciousness. That is exactly what many are doing. Simplifying Krsna Consciousness and reducing it mainly to one feature (love), or overwhelming oneself and others with easy emotions and eventually "ecstasy" tears. All that much before having reached the transcendental platform. Do you imagine Srila Prabhupada or Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja doing that?

So, I personally checked and witnessed that there is very often a big misunderstanding about what is transcendental love. Meaning, love for Krsna and Krsna's love. Which are certainly always there on the spiritual platform but are surely not stifling and oppressive love.

Our spiritual form and Krsna's One are said to be sat-cid-ananda. Where do you see the word love being pointed out in this fundamental equation?

All that is not for the pleasure of criticizing. If "ordinary" devotees were saying those kinds of things, it would not be such a big problem and could be rectified! We all have our weaknesses. The issue is when it comes from people who are put in positions of being authorities or absolute ones, due to their status as Srila Prabhupada's disciples, or even spiritual masters themselves. In this case, either they radically change what they preach, or they should renounce to their positions as authorities.

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