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Aug 08, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

On the ISKCON official newspaper (or tool of propaganda, if you prefer...) you got today an article about "editing Prabhupada's books". And you got Dravida das and Garuda das lovely together. So, one person who is assisting Jayadvaita Swami in his insisting books changes, and another person who is, more or less, implicitly preaching impersonalism through his very boring conferences, generally centered on his favorite global topic of : "God is love and love is God".

Therefore, if you consider the fact that any mayavadi, at the end, ultimately rejects his spiritual master and if you add, too, the fact that one very famous and soporific ISKCON guru, whose mind and heart seem to be fixed in the impersonal Brahman while speaking about Krsna, is their close friend and associate in their views about the evolution of ISKCON, you can see that the two ends of the same circle got joined. And all those people are very much supported by the GBC.

Therefore, you can easily guess what is the goal and the general tendency behind those changes in Prabhupada's books... conscious or not... Maya is much stronger than we generally think! All that coming from people who pretend to love and serve Srila Prabhupada but are doing exactly the opposite of what Prabhupada wanted and came for. And also from people who, while speaking and preaching the formula, trnad api sunicena, demand absolute respect for themselves. In fact, mainly because they are old Prabhupada disciples. It is actually their only real "original" asset and basis of authority. That's the reason why they are always very uncompromising on this particular point... But all that is just a matter of years. Just see how those years were actually used. Moreover, the trees have this asset too! Their superiority is that they don't do any evil.

So, for new people coming into Krsna Consciousness and reading the Sampradaya Sun, if you want to know Krsna and the spiritual world one day, don't be abused by such persons. You can go directly to Srila Prabhupada! There are no spiritual laws preventing you from connecting yourself directly with the pure devotee or forbidding that. Only the ISKCON leaders invented and imposed the idea and rule that you have to go through and take diksa from another person (a present ISKCON guru) in order to connect yourself with Prabhupada. It is part of their deviating strategy. It is a lie!

That does not mean that there will not be other acaryas after Prabhupada, but you should fully accept as your guru only a completely qualified person. You must be very careful with that even if it is not always so easy. But it will be however easier for you, with time, than to surrender to an unqualified person. If you really surrender to an unqualified person and fully accept that, you will immediately become limited in your possibilities to understand Prabhupada and Krsna. Even if those persons make you believe the exact contrary. You will never actually understand Prabhupada and Krsna and certainly not more than your so-called guru will allow you to do it. Your understanding will become submitted to and dependent on your "guru's" will! You will create yourself your new material conditioning. And because the actual understanding of the pure devotee and Krsna is the only key to get free from any kind of material conditioning, you will never get free from this new one because your acceptance of a non-qualified guru will be precisely the origin of this new conditioning. And will become also the obstacle to really understand Prabhupada and Krsna. Which, again, is the only key to get out of any conditioning. So you will get cheated and trapped! It is a psychological trap and a vicious circle.

And because your so-called guru will never go to Krsna as he is, in his way to practice and understand Krsna Consciousness, you will never go to Krsna neither. This ISKCON system is very much now a power system. Those people did not really change since the Zonal Acarya era. The only real difference is that now, the Internet exists. So you can have information which we could not get at that time.

Some will argue that with this system, many made spiritual progress and it is true. But if this system would not be as it is, they would have made much more progress or much more quickly, for sure. This present system is slowing down everything very much and does not enable anyone to attain the ultimate perfection.


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