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7.5 Simple Living, High Thinking

    7.5.1 Self-sufficiency and Modern Civilization

      "There is enough of everything by the will of the Lord, and we can make proper use of things to live comfortably without any enmity between man and animal, or man and nature. Everywhere, the control of the Lord is there, and if the Lord is pleased, every part of nature will be pleased. The river will flow profusely to fertilize the land, the oceans will supply sufficient quantities of minerals, pearls and jewels, the forest will supply sufficient wood, drugs and vegetables, and the seasonal changes will effectively help produce fruits and flowers in profuse quantity.

      The artificial way of living depending on factories and tools can render so-called happiness only to a limited number at a great cost to millions. Since the energy of the mass of people is engaged in factory production, the natural products are being hampered, and for this the mass is unhappy. Without being educated properly, the mass of people are following in the footsteps of the vested interest by exploiting natural reserves, and therefore there is acute competition between individual and individual, and nation and nation. There is no control by the trained agent of the Lord. We must look into the defects of modern civilization by comparison, and should follow in the footsteps of Maharaja Yudhistira to cleanse men and wipe out anachronisms." [42]

    7.5.2 Rural and Agrarian Communities

      Members are strongly encouraged to actively develop, or lend support to the development of rural farm projects and other agrarian projects aimed at self-sufficiency. By relying on Cows, Bulls and Land − producing our own milk, growing our own grains, fruits and vegetables, and developing local village transport and economies − devotees may live in a mode of goodness (sattva-guna) atmosphere that is conducive to the pursuit of Krsna consciousness. Eliminating poverty in the Society, these self-sufficient model projects will serve as effective tools in the preaching field, demonstrating the principles of daivi-varnasrama and the Science of Krsna consciousness in action.

    7.5.3 Cow Protection

      When the cows and bulls are happy they naturally create an auspicious and joyful atmosphere just by their presence. The brahmanas understand the importance, both material and spiritual, of the cows and bulls, and motivate and inspire the people to genuinely care for them. The kshatriyas provide tracts of suitable land for the cows and bulls to graze on, and protect them from opposing forces. The vaisyas properly observe the health and maintenance of the cows and bulls, honoring the benefits they produce and making them available to the people. The sudras respectfully serve the cows and work for their benefit. In this way, the cows and bulls will enjoy the love and devotion of everyone and will naturally be very pleased and satisfied. By their influence, the whole human civilization will become joyful.

    7.5.4 Support and Regulation

      In support of rural and agrarian projects and Cow Protection programs, the Governing Body Commission shall establish a mechanism for ensuring special focus in this area of the Society's development, and shall make every effort to have available at least one member of the Governing Body who has, or is in process of systematically developing special expertise in this area of daivi-varnasrama. This Commissioner shall assist Members running Cow Protection programs, offering guidance and support as needed and ensuring proper and authorized standards are being met. Members found to be engaging in unauthorized practices or dereliction of duties in Cow Protection programs shall, if the problems are not promptly remediated, face sanction.

    7.5.5 Varnasrama Economy The development of economy under daivi-varnasrama is understood to be a by-product and direct benefit of Cow Protection, in a progressively functional varnasrama model. Members in the vaisya varna shall be encouraged to engage in agrarian activities to produce income. With Cow Protection at the center, economic development benefits the Society by providing employment for devotees, needed foodstuffs and goods for sustainable living, and income that can be used for the continual support of Cows, Bulls and Land. In this way the Deities are well served, the Members' basic material needs are met, thus the entire Society is served. While Group Members will continue to solicit donations and financial support of congregational members and patrons who support temples and preaching projects, daivi-varnasrama economy shall be seen as the long- term economic solution for supporting the Society's preaching facilities.

7.6 Education

    7.6.1 Gurukula His Divine Grace wished to have gurukula education be provided for children in the Society. Thus far, however, his followers have experienced a grievous degree of failure in protecting the children under care of the institution's gurukulas, and have failed to execute His Divine Grace's vision, standards and instructions for implementing gurukula. Consequently, while Group Members are not prohibited from operating gurukulas, they are not encouraged to do so, and they shall not do so under, or in association with the name, International Society for Krishna Consciousness As It Is, until such time as deep study of this subject has been taken up by the Society's leaders, and a program for institutional gurukula is approved by the Governing Body Commission. Qualified Members are, however, encouraged to provide gurukula in the traditional Vedic setting of a brahmana and wife in the home who, as a private matter, choose to engage in providing this brahminical service for one or a few children. In such cases, the educational content being provided shall follow the authorized standards given by His Divine Grace, and should not comprise extensive academic curriculum intended to prepare children for a karmi life.

    7.6.2 Secular Education Secular academic content that is not an integral part of Vaisnava curriculum shall not be offered to children or adults under, or in association with the name, International Society for Krishna Consciousness As It Is.

      7. 6.2.2 Members are strongly discouraged from pursuing advanced academic degrees and other intellectual certifications or designations, unless such personal education is intended to be strictly used in the preaching field, and not for purposes of mundane income generation or professional notoriety.

    7.6.3 Vaisnava Higher Education His Divine Grace instructed various forms of higher education that are to be implemented within the Society, and Members are encouraged to engage in providing, and become students of such curriculum, including varnasrama college, Vedic theological college, study programs resulting in Bhakti-sastri, Bhakti-vaibhava and Bhaktivedanta degrees (which correspond to B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees); and advanced spiritual education for the general public under the auspices of the Bhaktivedanta Institute [43].


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