Who Turned the Lights Out...


Aug 01, 2017 — UK (SUN) —

Sorry everyone...
but I couldn't help laughing as I watched the ISKCON GBCs getting the boot from the Brooklyn NY temple...
Having said that... my sympathy goes out to a congregation stuck in the middle.
I have been to the Brooklyn NY temple several times with the Bhaktivedanta Players… in the 90s… and frankly, I had a great time. The devotees there were very hospitable.
I did notice that while the temple and it's facilities were... how would one say... simply massive... it did strike me as if the temple was stuck in a time warp.
Especially when one considers that the talent that built New Vrindaban was a sample of what could be achieved in the USA.
And so...
after making a few discreet enquiries... I found that one party wanted to sell up and move to the suburbs and redevelop there... while the other party wanted to sell up and move downtown.
Consequently... a stalemate had occurred.
Also… I've also been told that in order to prevent the temple being sold as part of the Turley lawsuit settlement, it was re-registered under a different name…
So just who is the legal owner of the NY Brooklyn temple...?
Perhaps that's what Ramabhadra Prabhu was referring to when he said..."I'll see you all in court".


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