Jul 12, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

I am so intelligent... we are all together so bright and advanced... that is my and our real thinking, even if officially we spend our time saying the exact contrary because of social conventions, and because we know that an advanced devotee is supposed to say and think that. In fact, very deep in my heart, I am a rascal and a hypocrite! The proofs of that and of anything in life are facts and actions. Not empty words. And one proof of this tremendous real pride and rotten character is that I change, or as a GBC accept the changes made in my spiritual master's and last acarya's books. Which actually changed our life as they first were. I have no shame to do that or let it be done, or I believe that we are enlightened enough to make those changes or allow them. In fact, I am a rascal and a fool number one.

Actually, only another real pure devotee would be authorized and qualified to eventually do those changes if necessary, but the irony of it is precisely that this uttama-adhikari would and will never do that! That is the paradox. So if I do that or allow others to do it, I am still very far from being a pure devotee even if, very foolishly, I think the contrary, while speaking, of course, about my fallen condition to others.

Those changes in Srila Prabhupada's books prove that the people who do that or let be done (or encourage it) don't accept or are not aware of Krsna's preeminence. They are convinced that they are the controllers. The normal thinking and behaviour is that any eventual change in books could be done only during Prabhupada's physical time and only with Prabhupada's active approval and check about it. Not after his physical departure, when it concretely became impossible to ask Srila Prabhupada his advice. That is common sense.

Jayadvaita Swami or others may argue that, in their heart, they feel all right (or any other thing), or maybe that in a dream they had Prabhupada's confirmation that they are authorized to do that, but we don't care about whatever they can say or invent! The fact is that they don't accept that Krsna is the Supreme Controller and that He made Srila Prabhupada disappear from the planet in 1977, and that we must respect His will. After this time, nothing can anymore be changed in Prabhupada's books.

On the material plane, did you ever see any editor change Tolstoy or Kafka's work after their departure We are much worse than the materialists on this subject and the consequences of changing spiritual literature are of course much more dramatic than to alter mundane literature.

Therefore, all that opens the door for other changes in the future. It is a completely irresponsible behaviour. When Jayadvaita Swami will not be there any longer, what will be the thinking of the new editors? If they feel the desire or any necessity to again change what is already existing, they will have the pretext and excuse of the previous changes and the GBC's acceptance of them. There will be a justifying precedent! And where will they go? Maybe even further from the original Prabhupada's books... So, just imagine which books we will have within 500 years if everyone is thinking he has the right to put his personal touch... even with the best so-called intentions...

Of course, still it will be always possible for people to go somewhere in Krsna Consciousness with those new books and it will probably always be better than their previous condition. But they will never be able to reach the goal. And unless you actually reach the actual goal, in fact, you really get nothing valuable!

Therefore, a strict rule of no changing anything in books after their authors' departure should be strictly respected. If some comments are necessary, as I said at the end of: "More Serious than Serious", there are proper and authorized ways to do that.

[In my previous paper, please excuse the word "wrap"... of course, it was " wart".]


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