Put Your Head Above the Parapet


Jul 10, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

Put your head above the parapet
Take a risk state your case
Impersonal demons have you met
Darwin's intrusions embrace
Blindly convinced of ape men
Intelligence stolen indeed
Scientific truth but when
In common sense they'll heed
Let's learn our lessons well
Keep our arguments to the fore
Riding high before they fell
Our arguments nature's law
Prabhupada shows us how
Their points null and dull
Spiritual truth here and now
Defeat to the rascal
Sometimes to learn our craft
We are temporarily stopped
The karmis give a hearty laugh
sastra sharper we'll adopt
In truth we're always greeted
With a help within from our Lord
If we take courage when defeated
Victory awaits sastra's sword
In service to guru and compassion
In training forever in our minds
Speculative manipulative fashion
Falsely proud these are signs
Actually their knowledge is stolen
Maya weaves its covering cloud
Their waters now are frozen
But as we preach aloud
A thawing and diversity occurs
The demons from divine
The chatter now a murmur
The Holy Name the sign
Let's take our mission boldly
Our intelligence tested and strong
I think we can all agree
Prabhupada's direction never wrong


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