May 17, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

As Srila Prabhupada, said Krishna consciousness and illicit sex go ill together. Bhagavad-gita 5.21, Purport:

    "Since I have been engaged in the transcendental loving service of Kṛṣṇa, realizing ever-new pleasure in Him, whenever I think of sex pleasure I spit at the thought, and my lips curl with distaste.

    A person in brahma-yoga, or Kṛṣṇa consciousness, is so absorbed in the loving service of the Lord that he loses his taste for material sense pleasure altogether. The highest pleasure in terms of matter is sex pleasure. The whole world is moving under its spell, and a materialist cannot work at all without this motivation. But a person engaged in Kṛṣṇa consciousness can work with greater vigor without sex pleasure, which he avoids. That is the test in spiritual realization. Spiritual realization and sex pleasure go ill together. A Kṛṣṇa conscious person is not attracted to any kind of sense pleasure, due to his being a liberated soul."

In today's ISKCON some devotees are questioning sex and marriage. The above statement makes it clear that if we want Krishna consciousness, we must train ourselves and follow the regulative principles. One cannot be liberated from our body, mind etc. unless we are totally celibate. If we cannot come to that standard and due to past bad habits have difficulties, no matter. Keep engaging in practicing Krishna consciousness, but know for sure that sex outside of procreation binds us to the body and mind.

And for the uplifting of his grihasta couples, Srila Prabhupada set the standard. Real Krishna consciousness cannot be achieved until. If we concoct or speculate and think Prabhupada was too strict we will delay ourselves in advancing. Leaders and gurus must preach this ideal. We don't condemn anyone who has problems, but loosening rules is not the answer. Rather, praying for the strength to overcome is the answer.

Of course, GBCs, temple presidents, those on the altar or giving class must be following strictly. It goes without saying, gurus as well, but I would add much higher standard for Guru. If he finds himself contemplating in his mind to enjoy for more than just moments due to body and senses trying to act, and these types of desires overwhelm him, don't be Guru.

After much practice and mercy we may aspire to be granted the greatest fortune of hearing of the activities of Krishna and His topmost exchanges of love with the Damsels of Vraja. This our acaryas assure us is the process of giving up self-centred lust, the rogue in our heart.


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