Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 144


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

May 17, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve

One day Prabhu had come across twenty ascetics in this way. Prabhu most gladly welcomed them and gave various items of food to them for eating observing his effort of nursing the sanyasis in this way, everyone used to be astonished at this as Nimai did not care a fig for his earnings. 2280-2282

Once Prabhu desired to visit Bangadesha and started for that place. Look this was the house of a brahmin where Prabhu used stay on his way. Having reached Bangadesha, Prabhu sent Tapana Misra to Kashi. Having gratified Bangadesha, Prabhu after a long time returned by this way where the brahmins had welcomed him and his companions. 2283-2286

Look at this place where the brahmins had reported to Nimai about the news of death of Sri Lakshmidevi. They thought that Nimai would be very hurt in his mind to find his house vacant. So they thought to console Nimai that being a Superman, he should take it as his fortune. 2287-2289

One day Prabhu taught someone the lesson of painting the sectarian mark on the forehead after taking bath because Prabhu had fund that the mark had been absent on his forehead. 2290

Look, Srinivasa, Prabhu had done many humorous activities in this place with his friends using many light words which I (Ishana) am now feeling very awkward to explain to you (Srnivasa).2291-2292

Look at the house of Santana Misra who had been the royal court scholar and who belonged to a high brahmin class. Vishnupriya was his daughter. Santana most gladly had given marriage of his daughter to Viswamvara. This was the house of Kashinath Pandit who had taken a great initiative in this marriage. 2293-2296

Look at this place where the devotees had begun to lament as they could not get association of any great devotee so long. He had begun to extract sighs by uttering "Oh Krishna", "Oh Krishna". In the meantime Thakur Haridasa who had been a dedicated devotee of Prabhu had come to their place.2297-2299

This was the place where Prabhu Gamachandra had been thinking that he had revealed in the earth for preaching devotional love for Krishna. So he had decided that coming back from Gaya, he would perform the duty of destroying the miseries of his devotees and manifesting the precious things like devotional love. With this intention in his mind, Prabhu after consoling his mother had started for Gaya. This was a house of a brahmin where Prabhu used to half at night and in the morning he again had started with his companions. In Gaya Prabhu had favoured Sri Iswarpuri to a great extent. Now started his revealment of devotional love.

Prabhu had started for Navadwipa with his disciples. When he had reached Navadwipa, the inhabitants of this place had become very glad to get him among themselves. They all advanced forward to welcome Prabhu. This was the way through which Prabhu returned to his house. Now all the Vaishnavas had become very enchanted to see Nimai swimming in the streams of devotional love. Srivasa told Ramai, Gopinath and Gadadhara that Nimai Pandit had become a completely changed person after coming back to gaya. There had been no signs of pride in him now. About the topic on Gaya he could not even utter a word when he had been trying to talk about Vishnupadapadma because that time his tears had been streaming down like stream of a river from his eyes. Sometimes he used to fall on the ground unconscious uttering the name of Krishna. How wonderful had been his expression of devotional love. Everyone had become very delightful to hear all these changes in Nimai. 2300-2313

Srivasa and others after some time went to the bank of the Ganges and met Suklamvara in his house. Prabhu used to come to this house of Sukalmvara after coming back from Gaya. Having found all of them here, Prabhu began to weep by holding the shoulders of everybody on the topic of Krishna. All the devotees who had been still in their hiding places had begun to weep on hearing the ecstatic condition of Prabhu. Prabhu asked, "Who is crying inside the room?" Suklamvara replied "Your Gadhadhara". At once there had taken place a beautiful scene of expressing ecstatic love, which accumulated Brahmachari to sink into the Ocean of love. 2314-2320

Look at this tree under which Ratnagarva Acharya used to cite slokas from Bhagavata. Prabhu could not control his emotions on hearing the glorification of his own devotional pride and then had fainted on the ground in ecstasy. How fortunate Ratnagarva had been that having got his sense, Prabhu at once had embraced Ratranagarva cordially. 2321-2323

Oh dear Srinivasa, this was the place where Prabhu had revealed his love while hearing his own glorification. Sri Advaita having found problem in such ecstatic condition, had begun to tell everybody what he had seen in his dream because Advaita had been himself able to know everything already what now had been occurring here. Though the devotees could not fully understand the intention and efforts of Advaita yet they being very satisfied went back to their own places. 2324-2329

Now listen to me (Ishana) Sri Nivasa, gradually the people of Nadia had come to know about the changed character of Nimai. 2330

Prabhu had begun to serve and nurse the Vaishnavas being absorbed into devotional love. Prabhu taught everybody that serving the devotees should be the best way of getting Krishna. Who could understand the real intention of Prabhu who always kept on requesting humbly the devotees to bless him. Being respected by all, Nimai even used to carry himself the flower baskets and clothes of the Vaishnava devotees. For this he never had felt ashamed. The devotees also had taken pleasure to bless and to give good suggestions to Gamachandra. Viswamvara used to take the dust from the feet of the Vaishnavas on his head.2331-2337

One day Prabhu went to the house of Advaita with Gadadhara. Advaita being ecstatic in love had begun to prepare various items for worshipping prabhu. He had worshipped Prabhu by offering scented flowers on the feet of Prabhu and then had begun to eulogise Prabhu with various hymns. Observing the efforts of Advaita, Gadhadhara had begun to smile and said to him not to make him so humble to a boy like Nimai, who had been so younger to him. Advaita told him that he and others would know sometimes later actual identity of this boy. Gadhadhara had become very astonished at this and thought in his mind that this boy must be God himself. 2338-2345

After a long time, Gamarai had come to sense and as he did not want to disclose himself to others, he told something to Advaita. Prabhu Gamahar, who had been love bound by Advaita, had done many sports here. With numerous desires in his mind Advaita had returned to Shantipura. Observing the ecstatic condition of Prabhu during the Sankirtana and his absorption in devotional love, the Vaishnavas gradually had come to realise that Prabhu Bswamvara was not a human being. 2346-2350

One day in an ecstatic mood, Prabhu told a Vaisnava devotee that he wished to see the Natyasala of Kanai. There Prabhu had begun Sankirtana and had begun to roar like a lion in Sankirtana, which had caused great pain in the minds of the heretics. They had begun to criticise Prabhu in various ways which had given great pain to the Vaisnavas, but they knew that the heretics did not know at all that for destroying the miseries of mankind Prabhu had appeared as an avatar. For carrying out the plans of destroying the miseries of mankind and of manifesting Himself, Prabhu used to travel in Nadia in world-charming dresses which used to excite the heretics. 2351-2355

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