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It looks like Dandavats.com editors, and people who are close behind, have suddenly fallen in some coma or kind of psychological paralysis and that, from now on, a robot is more or less doing their work. So, I would like, first, to express my most sincere moral support to their family, relatives, friends, animals, computers, furniture, cooking pots, etc... Indeed! And to their sometimes wrong, childish or deceiving concepts which surely are feeling very bad at the moment!

"Among logicians, I am the conclusive truth." (Bg 10-32) End of purport from Srila Prabhupada: "The conclusive truth, the end of all reasoning processes, is Krsna."

Krsna's own assertion and Prabhupada's confirmation.

So, the Lord could have said: "I am the conclusive truth among chemists... or, "I am the conclusive truth among biologists"... or mathematicians, physicians, or whoever... But only logic is mentioned. There is a good reason for that, like for everything Krsna is doing. Well... my most sincere moral support to biologists, chemists, mathematicians and to their family, relatives, friends, animals... So, it looks like logic science, according to Krsna, is more absolute and important than the other sciences which I have named, and many others which I did not mention. Consequently, if we are serious, we must consider that with attention.

We also know that Bhagavad-gita is not a book to put children asleep when it's time to go to bed, but only literature which is supposed to help us to reach perfection. So, everything in Gita has a reason to be there or not to be. (That is the question.)

Many times, most times, devotees had already, or develop, some hatred or contempt for logic, thinking or learning that logic is just something material or only a tool used by impersonalists or mayavadis. Which consequently means that they, not very consciously, consider that Krsna in Bhagavad-gita gives indirectly very much credit to people who deny His own personal existence. By glorifying the tool they use. Generally, those devotees wish to get rid of too much logic. A strict logic frame becomes unbearable for them! Which is understandable... They discover Krsna Consciousness, have to change many habits, have to start to follow some regulative principles, to make some austerities... It is actually much for a conditioned soul! So, if we have too add to that the necessity to also engage, in a very rigorous way, our intelligence in Krsna Consciousness from the very beginning, it is really too much effort!

It can easily be understood. It is human. So, in the spiritual process of bhakti, we generally prefer to stay first on a mental or intellectual platform. Intellectual meaning not a very strict intelligence. The proof of it is that many great intellectuals don't take Krsna Consciousness. So, on this intellectual or mental platform, we let enter many sophisms and approximative things. With time, we should rectify that and become more accurate. And sometimes check things! If we don't do that, it is a symptom of laziness. And laziness is related to tamo-guna.

So, like for everything which we know, there are mainly two versions of the same thing: the material one and the spiritual one. There are two categories of world: the material one and the spiritual one. Two categories of consciousness: the material one and the spiritual one. Two categories of food: bhoga and prasadam. Two categories of merciful attitude towards other people: pity which is material and compassion which is its enlightened and spiritual version... etc., etc.

So, we can guess that there are also mainly two versions of logic. The material version of logic is the one used by atheists or (and) demons to deny God's existence and support their own materialistic concept of life. Of course, their logic is, in fact, as limited as are their short-time plans, views, knowledge, happiness and life! It's a very incomplete or even a very perverted, wrong and deceiving version of logic. Mayavadis use another much more elaborate version of logic but still, this logic stays in the material field and is a cheating logic, the goal of which we already know.

As I wrote, to everything material, there is a spiritual equivalent. We have a material form and body and we can also get our spiritual body free. There is material love and there is also its spiritual version of it, etc. So, to say or to think that logic could be something which exists only on the material plane and disappears and dies when we reach the absolute platform, thus an exception to the general rule, looks to be heresy. Can heretics go to Krsna?

So, one day, our regional sankirtana leader came to our party and in a class, argued that there was nothing logical in his own spiritual life. I replied that he was wrong and just too much limited to see this logic. It is not because we don't perceive something that it does not exist! Krsna's intelligence is far beyond our intelligence! So, to see His spiritual logic and intentions behind what happens to us can take some time!

If we have a look, we can see that the only thing which is not logical in the material world is the living entities' behaviour! The perfect and sane logic of any jiva is to be completely together with Krsna. It is his best self-interest! But jivas in material world are not doing that. And sometimes do exactly the contrary! Sometimes, we preach to someone and (or) let books to this person and he (she) perfectly understands our philosophy. But when it's time to change anything to his way of thinking or doing things, it is NO! "Do you understand that it is your own best interest? Yes! So, do you want to do something in this direction? No! Why? Because I don't want! That's all! Do you understand that you will possibly suffer because of a materialistic mentality? Yes! But NO! "

So, except for the jivas' behaviour, everything is perfectly logical in the material world. You do something in the material sphere, you get the appropriate karmic reaction. Which is perfectly logically what we can reasonably expect. Logic goes with justice... fairness. And who could love a God who would not be fair? Even in the material sphere, a sane person can not appreciate and accept someone who is not fair! So, what to speak of loving a God who would not be fair. And from Krsna, this imperative to be fair is so essential that He personally implicates Himself in karma! By ruling it Himself through Ksirodakasayi Visnu. Why is this expansion of God's everywhere in the material world? Because karma must be very precise to be fair!

Very often, we see karma laws as a kind of divine computer programme because we consider only the general features of it. But, in fact, since immemorial time, there were never two similar acts in the material world! Let's take the horrible example of a murder with a knife... It happened billions and billions of times! But the same act was never the same. The protagonists were different. Their mentality, their past life and karma, their consciousness, their motives were not the same. The time, the frame, the place, the atmosphere conditions were different, etc. So many things were different! And all that has some influence which determines the karmic reaction related to the act. That's the reason why all this phenomena must be managed by a person. Ksirodakasayi Visnu. Like in a human court, the judge takes into account many aspects. There is the general criminal law, but its application is human. So, even karma application is completely personal and applied by a person. Even Yamaraja's decisions depend on Ksirodakasayi Visnu's accountancy and appreciation!

Our progressive liberation from karma through bhakti is also completely dependent on a Person and is not some impersonal process. So in karma application, or in progressive liberation of it, there is nothing illogical. Therefore, logic is very intimately related with justice. And so, is a very personal element instead of being an impersonal one! Moreover, what intimately hurts us more than unfair and illogical behaviour towards us or others?! Try to remember your own personal experience... So, we can see that logic has obviously nothing impersonal except if we want to use it in such a way. Like any other thing.

Therefore, we see that in the material world, except for the jivas behaviour (their use of free-will) everything is perfectly logical. And what is logical is precisely related to Krsna. What is the least representative of Krsna in material world is the wrong by the jivas of their free-will, and that is precisely the only thing which is illogical! So, we can conclude that logic is intimately connected with Krsna and everything which is really Krsna. And what is illogical to its opposite! And that logic is also intimately related with Krsna's sense of justice, fairness...

The Spiritual world being Krsna, even much more than the material world, more exactly being Krsna's superior world and aspect, and jivas in the spiritual world, acting in quite a logical way instead of acting in an illogical way like jivas in the material world, we can understand that logic appears to be even more predominant in the Spiritual world than in the material one! Of course, this logic has nothing dry like the one we have sometimes experimented the in material world. Nothing to be compared. The transcendental version of it! And is only a far background in the Spiritual world. To the point that this logic is sometimes almost completely forgotten. But it is there anyway in a permanent way! It can sometimes appear to us through some Krsna and the living entities' activities or pastimes that there is no logic or that some events or pastimes are even completely contrary to logic. But all that is just about our inability to see the logic behind.

In the material world, the examples of Ajamila or Maharaja Katvanga may appear as contrary to logic, for instance. There is, however, absolute logic behind them. We only are ignorant about the real story behind those stories. Nothing never happens by chance! When we say or hear about "Krsna's unmotivated mercy", that only means that there are absolutely no material motivations in Krsna's mercy. Not that things happen by chance! At any level, even the highest, no one can love a God who is unfair! Apparent unfairness through some of Krsna's pastimes is just a yogamaya illusion. And no fairness is possible without logic. Stability (in movement) in the Spiritual world is also very much based on this reality.

So, we can conclude that there is even more logic in Krsna's Spiritual world and love than in His material created world!


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