Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 143


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

May 15, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve

In Navadwipa, Sri Gamanga's sports had been wonderful and here he used to behave with everybody very smilingly and politely. It was for this reason everyone in Nadia had felt attraction for Sachnandana. 2216-2217

Look at the house of a weaver where Prabhu Viswamvara used to wear a loin cloth taken from the weaver. 2218

Look at the houses of the milk-men where Prabhu used to eat curds and drink milk happily. 2219

This was the house of a Gandhavanika where Prabhu Gamahari used to savour perfumes by favouring the owner of the house. 2220

This was the house of a maker of flower garlands where Prabhu used to wear celestial garlands by which he had been looking very glittering. 2221

Look this was the house of a maker of betel leaves where Prabhu Gamarai used to eat betel leaves. 2222

Oh dear Srinivasa, Prabhu Gamachandra with his companions used to tour Navadwipa with great pleasure. 2223

Prabhu as Krishna holding the Vamsh in his hand to satisfy the minds of all the inhabitants. 2224T

This was the house of a conch maker where Prabhu humorously had taken a conch. 2225

Look, this was the house of a truth-letter where once Prabhu had given a visit and had asked that man whether he could tell who he had been in his former life. Hearing this, that truth-letter had begun to practise celestial hymns by which he could see Prabhu as the Son of Vasudeva. He could see Prabhu as God Vishnu with His four arms holding sankhya, chakra, gada, and padma. That time he had to close his eyes again and saw Prabhu as Krishna holding the Vamshi in his hand. That man even could see the Rama, the Varaha, the Nrisimha and other incarnations of Vishu in Prabhu Gamachandra. The truth-letter had became bewildered to observe all these. Prabhu had asked him "Tell them what you have seen". He replied "I shall tell you later. Now go where you are going". Prabhu only had smiled at this and had gone to the house of Sridhara with whom Prabhu had made many jokes. 2226-2234

After completing his town of Navadwipa, Prabhu, Viswamvara with all returned to his own house. Prabhu had done many sports such as yuddha-kama and other according to his own wish. 2235-2236

Look, this was the main road where Prabhu used to walk in world-charming dress. Suddenly he had come across Srivasa Pandit and had talked to him. 2237-2238

Oh Srinivasa, this was the bank of the Ganges where Prabhu used to sit with his disciples for discussing studies in scriptures. Someone of his disciples reported Prabhu about the name of a world-conquering scholar who had won the favour of Goddess Saraswati and had come to Nadia. He had been very proud of his knowledge and could not count a single man parallel to him. He had with him many elephants, horses and eradles and numerous supporters. All the great scholars of Navadwipa had become anxious about their own depth of knowledge. Hearing all these, Viswamvara had smiled and said that god did not like to see human beings too proud. The world-conquering scholar being attracted by the graceful figure of Prabhu surrounded by his disciples came to meet Prabhu. Visvamvara very proudly asked him to explain the glory of Ganga. 2239-2247

That scholar with great confidence uttered many hymns but Viswamvara asked him to clarify the hymns. Though the hymns had been very stiff to understand, yet that scholar most easily had clarified them in his own versions while the brahmin scholar had stopped, Prabhu Visvamvara had begun to find out many incorrect meanings made by that scholar in the adi, madhya and anta parts of the whole topic 2248-2250

The world-conqueror had become very ashamed of his own depth of knowledge but Prabhu Gamachandhara had behaved with him very politely and had kept his prestige before others. Due to the wish of Goddess Saraswati, that man now had come to realise that Prabhu Ganmadai had been the God Himself. He had taken refuge under the feet of Prabhu and got his favour. 2251-2253

This world-conquering scholar belonged to a Vaishnava sect whose name was Kesava Kashmir. 2252

It was known that Hamsa had been the disciple of Sri Narayana whose disciples had been Sanka and the few others (Chatusama). 2255

Sanka's disciple had been Sri Narada Maharsay, whose disciple had been Nimnaditya, who had been an abode of good qualities. 2256

Sri Bubvadutta's disciple had been Acharya Srinivasa, who had become famous everywhere. 2257

His (Srinivasa) disciple had been Viswacharya, whose disciple had been Sri Purusottamacharya, a great scholar. 2258

His (Vismacharya) disciple had been Sri Vilasacharya, whose disciple had been Sri Swarupa Acharya. 2259

His (Swarupa) favorite disciple had been Sri Madhavacharaya, whose disciple had been Sri Madbalavadracharya. 2260

His (Shyama) disciple had been Acharya Gopala, whose disciple had been Kripacharya. 2262

His (Krupacharya) disciple had been Devacharya whose disciple had been Sri Sundaravatta. 2263

His (Sundara) disciple had been Srimad Padmanava vatta whose disciple had been Upendravatta. 2264

His (Upendra) disciple had been Ramachandravatta whose disciple had been Srivatta Bamana. 2265

His (Bamana) disciple had been Krishna vatta whose disciple had been Padmakaravatta. 2266

His (Padmakara) disciple had been Vatta Srisravana whose disciple had been Vurivatta. 2267

His (Vurivatta) disciple had been Sri Madhava whose disciple had been Shyama vatta. 2268

His (Shyama) disciple had been Sri Gopala vatta whose disciple had been Balavadra vatta. 2269

His (Balanadra) disciple had been Gopinath vatta whose disciple had been Sri Kesava vatta. 2270

His (Kesava) disciple had been Sri Gokula Vatta whose most favorite disciple had been Kesava Kashmir. 2271

Having worshipped Goddess Saraswati he had gained so much knowledge which had increased his pride so much. After conquering the whole world by his knowledge he had acquired the title of "World-Conquerer" who belonged to a most polite brahmin sect of Kashminadesha. He had come to Navadwipa on a very auspicious time because he had transformed into a changed man completely submissive to the famous of Prabhu. He had also changed his title of Kesava Kashmir into 'Laghu Kesava'. Kesava Kashmir had been a very fortunate man having got the favour of problem and since then he had begun to sink into the depth of divine happiness. It became the talk of the town that Nimai had defaulted the World Conqueror. 2272-2277

People began to say that there had been no person more educated as a professor than Nimai Pandit. 2278-2279

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