Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 142


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

May 13, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - In Sri Krishna Chaitanya Charitra (2nd Chapter):

One day for giving lesson to his devotees, Mahaprabhu himself took a spade on his shoulder and tied a piece cloth tightly in his waist and a piece cloth on his head with his follower brahmins. He also took a broom in his hand and went to the temple for cleaning it.

Even a man like Sri Advaitacharya and other great brahmins also took spades and brooms in their hands and accompanied Mahaprabhu in cleaning the temple as sweepers who belonged to a lowly caste among the Hindus. Sri Gamasundara who was god himself, in this way many times out of favour gave lessons of Sri Krishna to his devotees 2093-2096

One day while Prabhu because ecstatic in uttering the words "Gopi" "Gopi", a heretic brahmin pupil bean to criticise why Nimai was not uttering the name of "Krishna" instead of "Gopi". Prabhu became very angry with him and chased him with a stick for beating him. The brahmin saved his life by fleeing from there. That wicked brahmin and some other wicked brahmin pupils began to criticise Prabhu in many ways. Knowledge could not be earned by a pupil who always tried to indulge in criticising his own guru. Prabhu did not tell them anything, on the contrary remained absorbed in Sankirtana all the time. 2097-2102

One day Kesavavarathi came to see Prabhu whom Prabhu most cordially welcomed and paid his homage. He invited him and helped him to accept always from prabhu. No one became able to know what did they converse with each other and Varathi returned to Kantakanagana without delay. 2103-2104

Viswamvara went to the house of Srinivasa and began to talk with his favourite gadadhana. After taking his bath, he went t the temple of Vishnu to worship Him but he began to weep so miserably that his face, chest and clothes had become soaked with his tears. As Gandadharai could not control his tears, he ordered Gadadhara to complete the worship of Vishnu. Gadadhara used to say that Prabhu loved to be absorbed in Vraja Vilasa constantly. 2105-2109

Vishnupriya devi kept on serving her mother-in-law very sincerely. Prabhu in his own house had manifested many sports. Those who were fortunate enough to see all these places, were sure to obtain the precious gem like devotional love. "Now oh my dear Srinivasa, I shall show you some places outside this house where Prabhu had done many Sports. Again we shall come back to this house. "Saying so, Sri gshana took Srinivasa and others from the house of Prabhu 2110-2117

He told Srinivasa that Prabhu used to play here in his childhood. Under this tree of Kadamna, Prabhu used to play nakedly with other boys. Prabhu used to look at the Kadamna tree and demanded Kadamna flowers from anybody who used to pass him at that time. They pacified him by saying that it was not the blooming time of Kadamna flower. On hearing this, Prabhu began to cry and his eyedrops seemed to be just like pearls. Prabhu told them to search the tree and they must get even a single flower in it. Some one being fortunate enough looked at the tree and saw that there was a single flower in the tree. He hastily climbed on the tree and plucked the flower for Nimai. All of them became very much astonished to observe the power of a little child like Nimai. 2118-2125

Under this banyan tree, Sachimata taking her son in her lap used to worship goddess Sasthi with many items. There had been a neem tree here whose flowers had very sweet scent. Its deep shadow had been a pleasant assent to the passers-by. No birds used to sit on the branches of this tree. Prabhu used to play under this tree. He ordered Gowindasa Pandit to manifest two idols from that tree. That had been a beautiful event. 2126-2131

Gowindasa Pandit, a loving natured man had been very favorite to Nityananda-Chaitanya. Nimai Chanda used to play here and there with his friends and used to do many mischiefs in the houses of his friends. 2132-2134

In this house of a brahmin one day Viswamvara had stolen milk and had drink it without any fear. Luckily he had discovered an earthen container full of curd hanging in a Sikkai i.e, a hang made of strings, and had become very happy to see it. He used to pierce it's body and curd by placing his mouth just under its hole. While he had been eating curd with great pleasure, the brahmin suddenly entered the room and grasped the left hand of Nimai tightly. Nimai out of fear at once held his feet and began to request him to set him free on condition he would never do it again. But who could know what the brahmin had seen in the face curd stained mouth of Nimai, the brahmin could not turn his eyes from Nimai. He told Nimai again and again to come and eat curd from his house everyday. In this way Nimai used to tease every one who outwardly became angry with him but inwardly he became delighted. 2135-2141

Look Srinivasa this was the way where two fortunate thieves had to flee away by leaving little Nimai in the room.2142

This was the place where prabhu used to eat day. Look Srinivasa, this was the place where that Tairthika brahmin used to stay in seclusion. This was the house of Gagadisha and Hiranya where Prabu used to take food on the day of new moon. Look at this place on the beach of Ganhari river where Prabhu's various sports used to be discussed by the brahmins with great pleasure. Here Prabhu used to play with other children. Look, this was the place where Murari Gupta used to explain his studies by peculiar waving of his hands. Prabhu used to jeer at him humorously for this bad habit. One day Prabhu went to the house of Murari Gupta at the time of his eating and used to urinate on the plate of rice of Murari and to give him certain lessons. 2143-2151

Srinivasa, look at the beautiful idol on the bank of the Ganges. The girls used to worship this idol after bathing in the river. One day at that time of their worshipping, suddenly Sachinandana came to this place. He used to sit among the girls and began to joke with them. One day he used to meet the daughter of Vallava and used to behave with her very humorously. This was the place where Nimaichanda used to play and quarrel with other boys. Nimai used to tease the fathers here in this bank of the Ganges. The girls used to complain to Sachimata against Nimai. 2152-2161

Look Srinivasa, under this tree Viswarupa once discovered the truth in his mind that Nimai could not be a human being. It was a place where Sri Advaita and other associates of prabhu had cried to observe the wicked tendencies of mankind. Here Viswarupa had explained the rural essence of devotion to Krishna Which has made Advaitadev roaring like a lion. Advaita had taken the pleasure of lifting Viswarupa on his lap and dancing in joy. Look Srinivasa, it was this place where the wise men of Nadia had been discussing about Krishna with Viswarupa when little Nimai being naked had come here to call his elder brother Viswarupa. Everyone present then could not turn his eyes from the dust-covered but very beautiful feature of Nimai. This was the place from where Viswamvara had said to Viswarupa "Oh brother, come with me for eating" and holding a portion of Viswarupa's cloth Prabhu used to return to his house 2162-2169

Viswarupa while returning with Viswamvara, again and again kept on looking at the face of Nimaichanda "Oh Srinivasa what I shall say about Viswarupa, who within a few days had accepted the life of an ascetic and left his house forever. The devotees of Viswarupa could not live without him and they desired to live in a forest. Look at this place. Here the devotees of Gamachandra used to sit sadly when they heard the critics of their Prabhu by the heretics whose words had come as a bolt from the blue to them. 2170-2173

Look at this place. Here Advaita Prabhu used to console the devotees in their miseries. Look at this room. Here while the devotees used to sing harinama little Vishnamvara leaving his playing used to come to them hastily. When they asked him why he come here, he used to say why they had call him and them again hastily went to play with his friends leaving the devotees in to utter bewilderment. 2174-2177

Oh Srinivasa, look at this place. Here Nimai had made the wise scholars very much astonished by his genius. Due to the fear caused by the elder son's acceptance of asceticism, Father Gaganmatha forbade Nimai to read his books. Nimai had become very disheartened by this and as a result he intentionally had begun many mischievous activities. When the inhabitants being very much vexed began to complain to his father, he again permitted his son to start his studies which pleased Nimai very much. Nimai in this place used to take his lessons with their boys. 2178-2183

Look at this room. Here Gaganmatha Misra had performed the ceremony of yangyasutra of Nimai. This was the house of Gangadasa Pandit where Nimai used to learn vykarana from his teacher. 2183-2185

Day by day Nimai had acquired vast knowledge in Vyakarana and had become able to explain the subject with many valuable hints. Here he used to question Krishnanda, Sri Kamalakanta and Sri Murarigupta about many points n scriptures. Here Nimai used to be absorbed in his studies. 2186-2188

Look at this bank of the Ganges. Here Nimai used to bathe n the Ganges with his devotees, to worship Vishnu and Tulsi, to eat the mahaprasada. Nimai did not like any other activities than to discuss scriptures. In this way he had become a great Scholar in Nadia. Look at this place, Here Prabhu with Murari Gupta used to discuss Scriptures. Murari who had been a part of Rudra, had become very glad to listen to the explanations of Prabhu.2189-2194

Look at the house of Srivallava-Acharya whose daughter was Sri Lakshmidevi who had been the first wife of Nimai. Here on this way to the Ganges Prabhu had first, seen Lakshmidevi.2196-2197

Look at the house of Vanamali Acharya who had taken the initiative of Nimai's marriage to Lakshmi. This was the way through which Viswamvara had returned to his house with his newly wed wife and the people had begun t appreciate the beauties of the newly wed couple. 2198-2200

Look at this place. Here Prabhu used to teach his disciples. Murari Gupta by sitting here had indulged n debates with Prabhu. 2201-2202

Look at this place. Here Advaita being very angry with the heretics had begun to roar like a lion 2203-2204

Look at the house of Gopinath Achara where Prabhu used to come from time to time. Sri Iswarapur used to stay here sometimes and here he had written the book "Krishna Leelamrita". Being very affectionate to Gadadhara Pandit, Sri Puri had taught him here. Sri Puri had loved Viswamvara very much and had requested Nimai to edit his book. Viswamvara also had great regards for Sri Puri and he used to please him by his efforts 2205-2209

Look at this place. Here all the Vaishnavas had become very pleased to listen to the explanations of scriptures by Nimai and had blessed him by saying "May Krishna bless you". Here Srinivasa and other Vaishnavas had given many lessons to Viswamvara 2210-2212

Look at the house of Sri Mukunda-Sanjoya. Here Prabhu used to practice his studies in scriptures. Here the brahmins had discovered that Viswamvara had been attacked by a disease caused by wind by observing but not knowing his ecstatic condition. While Nimai had become able to come to sense, they felt relieved that the had been saved from the grip of wind dsease.2213-2215

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