Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 141


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

May 11, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - The marriage of Nimai (Continued)

Whenever any one used to come to the house of Prabhu just to investigate what had been going on there, at once he became attracted by the beauty of Prabhu and interested in the kirtana sang by Prabhu and his disciples. Sometimes the devotees of Prabhu had to check Prabhu if he became too much ecstatic. 1660-1662.

Ishana told Sri Nivasa that Prabhu sometimes used to reveal his own identity. As he had been most devotee-loving, he could not control his anger to see the heretics and wicked persons who used to cause miseries to his devotees, Prabhu used to ecstatically laugh, cry or roan in anger by saying "I am that He", "I am that He". The wicked persons could not dare to stay here and used to flee from there. While being in this state of mind Prabhu used to lie down on the motionlessly. Observing him in this condition some one reported his mother that he had again been attacked by his former disease of wins and addressed her to took after him with utmost care. While Sachi became very anxious, the close disciples of Prabhu consoled her that Prabhu was not an ordinary person.1663-1670.

"Listen to me Sri Nivasa, what happened one day, That day Prabhu being ecstatic in love asked everyone that where his Krishna was and could control his tears streaming down from his eyes. In the mean while Gauracandra came to him with betel leaves for Prabhu. Prabhu asked him where Shyamla Krishna was. Gauracandra replied that Krishna had always been the mind of Gaurahari. Hearing this Prabhu at once tried to tear up his breast. Gauracandra hastily hold the hands of Prabhu and consoled him in various ways. Sachinatha requested Gauracandra to be with Nimai all the time.1671-1676.

Sometimes in the evening Mukunda with many devotees used to cite slokas which made Prabhu very ecstatic in devotional love. Sometimes Prabhu used to spend the night being absorbed in the Sankirtana with his devotees all around him. During sankirtana Prabhu used to roar ecstatically which used to snatch away the night's sleep of the wicked and dishonest people. The heretics being very angry began to announce that the people engaged in Sankirtana would be in danger. To them Kirtana in Nadia would bring a bad owen in this country. So the king would send his soldiers to stop this Sankirtana. Srivasa became very afraid because he knew that the Yavana king could do any thing. eing very much anxious he told everything to Prabhu. Visvarnavasa who was god himself came to know already everything. He roared in anger by saying that to protect his own devotees he had appeared in this earth as an incarnation. As the devotees did not actually knew it, Prabhu wanted to reveal himself to them. Prabhu in beautiful dress gladly started roaming in the streets of Nadia by singing Sankirtana with all his devotees. While travelling all the places of Nadia, Prabhu used to madden all the people by his graceful figure. Everyone began to feel attraction for him.1677-1697.

"Look Sri Nivasa, this is the path from which Prabhu stgarted his nadia town. During his travel in the streets of Nadia Prabhu halted at the house of Srivasa and being very kind to Srivasa, Prabhu showed him his four-armed image, i.e, the image of Visnu. Look, this is the place where Prabhu used to sit one day and he began to cry by taking the name of Krishna. One day he took the pleasure of showing himself as the Varaha avatara to his devotees. from here he went to the house of Murari Gupta and favoured him by showing the Varaha image. One day being seated here, Prabhu became very eager to get Nityananda among his group of devotees. Oh Srinivas, Nityananda Haladhara was the son of Harai Pandit and Padmavati.1698-1704.

The son of Sachi who had been a jewel of love and devotion constantly used to spend his time in Samkirtana. Sometimes he used to go out for a toun in the city with his companions. Mukunda used to sing sweetly the glory of the sport of vraja. Prabhu very much liked to hear the glorification of his own sports. According to prabhu's desire, Gadadhara used to decorate Prabhu with flowers. Prabhu's world charming beauty used to madden the whole world. The association of prabhu could not turn their eyes from the beauty of prabhu's moon like face. They could not console their emotions when Advaita used to do aratrika before Prabhu. 2007-2017

In a song Narahari had given on beautiful description of aratrika i.e. warning light before Prabhu. Advaita used to wave light before his god gamachandra with Nityananda on his right and Haridasa on his left side. Srinivasa used to fan Prabhu with a chamara and suklamvara used to prepare sandal paste. Madhava,vasu ghosha, purushottama, vijaya, mukunda and others used to sing sweetly the praise of Prabhu. They used to play different types of musical instruments such as Mridanga, Khola, Karatala, Vina, Vishana, Flute, bells and Jajara, etc. with their sngs. Vakreswara used to dance beautifully. Rasika Gadhara, Sridhara, Gauridasa, Haridasa etc. all of them used to be ecstatic in singing Sankirtana. Even the dalites could not keep themselves apart from joining in this pleasant festival. 2018-2027

Observing this beautiful and auspicious aratrika festival, everyone because over whelmed in joy. They prepared many items of food for Prabhu and gladly fed him. After the eatng of Prabhu they all gladly ate the prasada of Prabhu. In the deep of might they all went to sleep to their own places. For Prabhu, Gadadhara prepared of a soft bed. Prabhu being very glad went to bed prepared by gadhara with flower garlands and sandal paste. Viswanara lay down the bed and gadadhara lay down near him. Both of them because absorbed in conversation. Who could understand what had been lying hidden in the minds of Gaura and Haridasa? In the morning, Haridasa used to serve prabhu in various ways. 2028-2035

In Sri Chaitanya Charita (2nd chapter), Srimad Gadadhara prabhu, a great scholar, a great devotee and a great brahmin of higher caste, used to give company to Mahaprabhu all the time. 2036

Again in this book once alright Srimad Mahaprabhu ordered Srimad Gadadhara that in the next morning he should distribute the flower garlands used by prabhu himself to each Vaishnava devotee. Mahaprabhu took out all his garlands and gave them to Gadadhara. Then in the beautiful hours of the morning Gadadhara prabhu offered the garlands to each Vaishnava. The Vaishnava devotees after their bathing in the Ganges and worshipping their own god, came gladly to Mahaprabhu. Srimad Gadadhara prabhu every day used to sandal paste all over the body of Mahaprabhu and to decorate his beautiful feature with flower garlands. He used to decorate the bedroom of Mahaprabhu with many scented flowers and flower garlands. When Mahaprathu used to tie down on his bed, Gadadhara used to lie down at the end of the lotus-like feet of Prabhu and used to go to sleep while listening to the nectar-like words of Mahaprabhu.2037-2044

"Oh dear Srinivasa, Prabhu used to sit here in the morning with his associates and the people of Navadwipa used to come here every day to see Mahaprabhu." 2045-2046

Srimad Mahaprabhu's favour to his devotees and his preaching of Sri Harinama by pointing out the decrees and methods of it. The devotees used to come to prabhu and to bow to the feet of prabhu and prabhu used to bless them "May Krishna bless you. Let you be a great devotee of Krishna". Prabhu with great favour preached the mahamantra of Krishna. 2047-2048

"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare Hare.

Again he told everybody, "Oh my dear brothers, absorb in the Harinama following the proper methods. You will surely get all your desires to be fulfilled by the help of this namamantra and also will get extreme pleasure from this ". 2050-2051

Again by holding a grass by his teeth, he told them 'You must sing Kirtana of Sri Krishna all the time" 2052

Directed by Prabhu, they gladly began to sing the namamantra in their own houses. As per order of Prabhu they began Sankirtana in each and every house. 2053-2054

A yavana named Kadi who was wicked fellow could not tolerate Kirtana and because very hostile towards the people engaged in Kirtana. Prabhu became very angry and roared in anger. He decided to go out for a town in the city with sankirtana with all his associates. It became the talk of the town that Prabhu would go out for a town in the city with kirtana Gaurahari ordered all the people to come in the evening to this place. They all came in time very enthusiastically. 2055-2060

"Oh dear Srinivasa, what a big gathering was there in the evening who constantly kept on cheering as 'Jay''Jay' which seemed to feet the earth and the sky." 2061

Sri Ganasundara first of all started Sankirtana and began to dance. At that time he had been looking very beautiful in beautiful dresses. With him danced Sri Nityananda on his right and Gadadhara on the left side. Advaita, Srinivasa, Haridasa, Vakreswara, Naraharidasa, Gadadhara, Damodara, Murari, Mukunda, Vasu, Govinda and all other devotees of Prabhu began to dance with him. What a pleasant scene had been created there! Then Sri Gamanga directed his associate to be divided in to groups. Sri Advaita took the lead of a group and started his town with sankirtana which emotionally attracted every person who began to very loudly to hear Advaita's Kirtanas. 2062-2068

Srinivasa took the lead of a group and started his tour with sankirtana. Prabhu himself took the lead of a group and started to sing and dance in Sankirtana. His mother and wife came out of their house to observe the beautiful procession. It was the wonderful effort f prabhu t make people sink in the ocean of sankirtana. After the end of the town Prabhu came back to his house and spent the whole might in discussing about Sri Krishna. 2069-2074

One day, Gamachandra decided to visit all houses of the Vaishnavas of Nadia. He started to carry out his program with his associates. 2075-2077

One day in a world charming dress, Prabhu in his Sankirtana favoured some devotees to a great extent. A wise but poor brahmin with his son came from Vangadesha to prabhu whose name was Vanamali. When he saw prabhu, he found him in the image of Shyamal Sundara with a peacock feather n his head, dressed in yellow loin cloth and holding a flute in his hand. What a formulate brahmin he had been that he get the favour of Prabhu Gamanga here. Prabhu used to teach devotional theories to his disciple but one of his pupils hurt him by some wrong arguments, which distributed Prabhu much and he at once went to the Ganges for a bath with all his wearings on his body in order to purify him from the touch of that heretic. He henceforth, never saw his face. 2078-2085

One day Prabhu delightfully planted a mango tree here and it had been a miracle that the tree atonee began to grow up and started to give fruits. His companions plucked some ripe mangoes from the tree and offered to Krishna. The ripe mangoes were of superior quality that there had been no thread like membranes in them and had nectar-like sweetness. Only one had been enough to satisfy one's hunger. Prabhu ate the fruit and gave them to his devotees. The tree used to give her fruits throughout the year 2086-2089

One day at the time of Sankirtana, there had been created a very cloudy atmosphere that seemed to be showered rain at any time. Prabhu came out of the place with a mandira in his hand and atonee all the clouds were gone away. For giving lessons to the devotees and mankind Prabhu used to clean the temple of Vishnu everyday with his associates 2090-2092

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