Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 140


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

May 09, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - The marriage of Nimai

The day after Adhivasa, there were great amusements in the house of Nimai and also in the whole of Nadia. The marriage of Nimai became the talk of the town. Everyone went to the house of Niami. Even Lord Siva with Parvati came from Kailasha to observe the ceremony.

Ananta with his companions came to that place and took pleasure in observing the ceremony by while remaining concealed in a hiding place. The Vaikuntha Vasis became very eager to observe it. Chaturmukhi with his wife became present here. Surapati with Saci came to observe it. All the female demigods decided to mingle with the ladies of Nadia and took part in the ceremony. The Kinnaras and Gandharvas cherished the hope of singing and dancing along with the sindancers who had been appointed for the ceremony, Deva Ris.

The ladies now began to decorate Nimai to make him prepared for going to the house of Sanatana Misra. They put oil to the beautiful hair of Gorachanda. According to the customs, Nimai completed his bath and took his seat on a throne. He had been looking very beautiful at that time. No one could turn his or her eyes from the face of Nemai. Then the friends of Nimai prepared him as a bridegroom. Nimai bowed to the feet of his mother and started for the house of Sanatana Misra with many companions. The roads became full of cheering sounds of people and also musical instruments. The friends of Nimai put him in a coradle and walked along with it in dancing. The ladies of Navadwipa with utmost care began to decorate themselves for going to the marriage ceremony. They used to make their hair beautifully arranged in knots and plaits used to put flower garlands on their knots and plaits. They used to put saffron dots on their foreheads and flowers earrings in their ears. They used to wear valuable ornamental garland round their necks and beautiful silky dresses. 1477-1502.

In two songs Narahari had noted the same descriptions. 1503-1520.

There were many auspicious customs that had been performed in the house of Sanatana Misra. When the coradle of the bridegroom reached the house of Sanatana Misra, the latter hurriedly advanced forward to welcome his son-in-law. Every one became enchanted to see the beauty of the bridegroom. There had been a big crowd including all the brahmins and virtuous people of that place who came to participate in the ceremony. There had been a big crowd in the road also where even some blind and lame persons remained waiting for the coming of Gorachanda. There were big noises caused by the sounds of musical instruments. There were hundreds of lamps to be lighted in all the houses of that area. Misra being very much satisfied, took his son-in law inside the house and placed him on a valuable and beautiful seat. The ladies began to shower flowers on the head of Gaorachari. Every one used to cheer up in joy.1511-1526.

In a song, Narahari had described the mental satisfaction of the mother of Vishnupriya in observing the beauty of her son-in-law. She with other ladies came to bless Nimai with dhana and dourva. Then she with others began to go round him seven times in a circles with seven lamps in their hands. She took him inside the room after this occasion. 1527-1530

The wife of Sanatana Misra performed many social customs. She took the pleasure of decorating his daughter with ornaments and beautiful dresses. Misra Mahasay ordered his friends to bring her daughter to the pavilion of marriage. They brought her and placed her on a throne. First of all, Devi Vishnupriya dedicated herself to the feet of Prabhu by placing a flower garland on them. With a little but sweet smile, Gorarai offered his garland round the neck of Vishnupriya. Through the exchange of flower garlands Prabhu and Visnupriya understood each other's minds very well. The pleasure grew up little as Prabhu started his life with Vishnupriya. Sri Sanatana Misra took his seat to offer the hands of Gauracandra. As the dowry, Sanatana gave Nimai celestial cows, riches, lands, bedding materials, servants and maidservants. Lastly took place the custom of Homa. Sanatana placed his daughter on the left side of Viswamvara at the time of the Homa. Every one became enchanted the observe the beauty of the newly wed couple. 1531-1548

In three songs composed by Narahari the same description had been quoted. 1549-1560

The Gods and goddesses used to talk about the marriage ceremony of Prabhu Gauracandra. The people of Nadia had been fortunate enough as they could observe this auspicious ceremony by their own eyes. Those brahmins who had beautiful daughter, began to lament as they could not get a son-in-law like Gauracandra for their daughters. Every one began to say that Sanatana Misra was a very fortunate man having such a beautiful son-in-law. Now the ladies took both of them in the Vasaraghara where the ladies used to joke with the bridegroom. Some of them offered betel leaf to Gauracandra and requested him to give it to Vishnupriya. In the Vasaraghara, Gorarai had maddened every lady by his beauty which could put even Madana to shame. Gorarai happily spend the night with Vishnupriya in the Vasara ghara. In the morning Gaurhari most gladly participated in the function of Kusamdika. He then politely asked the permission of going to his own house with his bride from Sanatana Misra. Sanatana patiently tried to began the sorrow of bidding farewell to his daughter. After consoling his daughter in various ways he offered the hands of his daughter again in the hands of Gaurahari while checking himself in utmost patience. At the time of departure, Gauurahari bowed to the feet of the respected persons who in their town blessed him with dhana and durva. All the brahmins started citing Vedic slokas. The ladies made the sound of cheer by their tongues.1561-1594.

In a song Narahari had described the sa me event which had been described above.1595-1598.

Gorachanda returned to his own house with his bride very gladly. The deities began to shower flowers on the hands of the couple. Some one reported Sachinata of their coming to this direction. In the meantime hearing the sound of musical instruments, Sacinata became very restless and hurriedly came out of her house. Within a short while, Gora slowly got down from his cradle with his bride. Sachinata at once embraced them and kissed the cheeks of her son and daughter-in-law. She took them gladly inside the house and placed them both on the throne. The people became enchanted to observe their beauity.1599-1610.

While the marriage ceremony had been over, Sachi used to distribute clothes, ornaments and wealth to the chroniclers, singers, dancers, instrumentalists, and beggars who became very satisfied and took their leaves from the house of Nimai. They began to sing the praise of Gaura Gauramoni. Sachinatha bade farewell to the ladies very politely.1611-1614.

"Oh my dear Sri Nivasa, I can now remember how we had enjoyed in the marriage ceremony of Viswanvara. This is the place where Sacinata used to sit with her son Gaurahari and daughter-in-law Vishnupriya. How Sacinatha loved Vishnupriya, can not be described by my single mouth. Vishnupriya made herself engaged in the service of Sri Vishnu and Sacinata with all her sincerity. Sacinata became very much satisfied with her daughter-in-law. She used to spend her days very happily." 1615-1619.

Viswamvara who now became a handsome young man of profuse vigour, used to spend his time very pleasantly with his wife. He looked very beautiful in celestial garlands and sandal paste, always in well dresses and ornaments. With this world charming beauty Sacinandana had become absorbed in teaching his pupils. Having seen the tendency of the people to do wrong and sinful deeds, he decided to go to Gaya. After bowing to the feet of his mother and consoling her, Prabhu started for Gaya. Gaurahari had performed the religious customs in Gaya and favoured Iswara Puri by living in his house. After a few days, he returned to Navaduipa and everyone became very gland to see him. Sacinata used to perform many auspicious customs for the well being of her son and used to look at the path by which her son would be coming. She used to ask the passes by whether Nimai had been coming soon or not. In the meantime Prabhu stepped in to his own house.1620-1628.

"Oh my dear Sri Nivasa, this is the place where Viswanvara used to bow to the feet of his mother. How can I describe the mental happiness of Sacinata after seeing her son who again and again used to look at the face of her son with tears in her eyes. Vishnupriyadevi also became very happy to see her husband and could not control her emotions." 1629-1631.

Even the parents of Vishnupriya became very happy to hear that Gauracandra had returned back because Gauracandra had been their life also. Many persons came to the house of Nimai to meet him with whom Nimai behaved properly. After bidding farewell to his friends, Nimai with four or five friends began to talk about Gaya privately. As soon as Nimai had uttered the name of the lotus like feet of Lord Vishnu, he lost all controls over himself and began to extract heavy sighs as he uttered the names of Krishna and he became to sweating and quiver. After a long time, Prabhu controlled himself and told his friends to go to their own houses and to come to the house of Suklamvara tomorrow. They being very happy took their leave from him. 1632-1640

Many Vishnavas from different places came to meet Gauracandra. There had always been a big crowd in the house of Gauracandra. The people of Nadia began to whisper that Nimai Pandit had become a great Vaishnava nowdays. The ecstatic condition of Prabhu began to grow up very often and he could not eat or sleep. Perhaps he wanted to sleep at night but he used to spend the whole night being ecstatic in the memory of Krishna. Sometimes he ecstatically began to roll on the ground in crying and his golden complexioned body used to be sweared by dust. Sometimes as Kapila, he used to teach his mother many things. Prabhu distributed devotional love to his mother who was also an image of love and devotion. One day by sitting in this place Viswamvara used to be looking very beautiful with his pupils. His pupils wanted to be properly educated by Nimai as they had been formerly but Nimai could not give proper education to them as he had become very inattentive in his duties as a teacher. The pupils thought that after returning from Gaya, Nimai had developed such in attentiveness, while thinking so, due to the wish of Prabhu, they all became interested in devotional love. They all changed their minds and became uninterested in their studies. While Prabhu used to cry ecstatically, they also began to cry with him. While Prabhu used to dance in kirtana, his disciples surrounding Prabhu also began to sing and dance by taking the names of 'Gopala' and 'Govinda'. They all began to float in the river of devotional love while uttering 'Haribol' 'Haribol' constantly. Being attracted by Prabhu's Kirtana, many devotees and many persons took to their heels to participate in the Kirtana. Those who knew nothing of it having heard the sound of kirtana, used to come to Nimai and at once used to become absorbed in Kirtana with Prabhu.1641-1659.

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