Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 130


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Apr 19, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - Janhudvipa (Part Two)

Sri Ishana told Srinivasa and Narottama slowly, "Look at Vaikuntha and listen to its former history."626-627

One day Narada came to Lord Siva in Kailasha Parvata from Sri Vaikuntha. Siva then with his followers being seated on a leather seat, had been talking about Sri Krsna Carita with his five mouths. Narada seeing Mahesa became very ecstatic and fell to his feet. Deva Trilochana took Narada to his bosom and asked from where have you come.628-631

Narada gladly told him, "I had gone to see Sri Narayana whom I found was engaged in discussing with is followers about Navadvipa all the time. Navadvipa is the most beautiful place in Varthavarsa where Prabhu Narayana with his followers want to go. Seeing the great fun there I come here quickly to enquire what will be happening in Nadia.632-635

On hearing Narada Deva, Maheswara began to smile and became ecstatic in love. He started at Narada and began to swing his head with heavy roars, Sri Kailasha Girisara began to weep in ecstatic love and wet his whole body with tears from his eyes. Leaving Maheswara in that ecstatic condition, Narada started from that place and reached Navadvipa and began to think in his mind. 636-640

This Navadvipa dharma was the best of all dharmas where the Sarvadharma Nath used to live. I have come from Sri Vaikuntha Narayana. Am I able to see him in this place?641-642

As soon as he thought it in his mind, he saw Sri Vaikuntha with his followers. Narada became so moved by love that he could not control his tears. After praying to Sri Navadvipa dharma in various ways, Narada went to Dwaraka to visit Lord Krsna. Rukmini Nath, Krsna became very happy to see Narada and asked him form where he had come.643-647

Narada replied, coming from Navadvipa, and kept his mouth shut. Krsna at once realised the mind of his devotees and took the form of Gaura. Observing Nadiacandra, Narada impatiently began to weep. At once Prabhu took the form of Syamananda Krsna. The saint kept this valuable jewel like Gaura Krsna image in his mind privately. Prabhu being glad to see the effort of Narada, advised him go to Siva in Kailasha and tell all of them to come to Navadvipa because time has come near. So don't make delay." 648-655

Having heard the sweet words of Krsna, Narada took his leave from there. He hastily reached Kailasha while singing the praise of Gaura Krsna in his vina (a musical instrument) 656-657

Bowing to the feet of Siva, Narada reported to him everything which made Siva very much emotional. He took Narada in his lap and began to dance in joy. Narada conveyed the news of Nadia to everywhere and again came to this place.658-660

Narada began to think in his mind where he should be able to see the sport of Dwaraka here. It seemed to him that the riches of Dwaraka were all present in Nadia. He could see Sri Gauracandra sitting on an ornamental throne whose beauty could even make kandarpa enchanting. Narada became overwhelmed to see the beauty of Prabhu.661-664

Prabhu said sweetly to Narada, "you will see my Prakata lila here within a very short time. I shall keep your wish by delivering people permission.665-666

Then Prabhu disappeared leaving Narada in a perplexed state of mind. He stayed for sometime in this Narayana Pitha and then started for a tour programme. As Narada had seen Narayana here, this place became famous as Narayana Pitha.667-670

As the riches of Sri Vaikuntha revealed itself here it came to be known as Vaikunthapura. The king of this place was a very efficient man who manifested the worship of Sri Narayana here. This village had been ruined for some time but again it flourished itself after a few years. An old brahmin scholar used to live here who was a worshipper of Lakshmi Narayana. His pure efforts to serve Lakshmi Narayana was beyond any saying.671-675

Some times he used to go to the house of Vallava Misra and privately favoured Vallava Misra very much. As the brahmin favored Vallava Misra adored his gurudeva. He had been present here when the marriage took place between Prabhu and Lakshmi Vishyamvara dance by addressing Lakshmi Vishyamvara as Lakshmi Narayana. Tears were streaming down from his eyes while had had been dancing in joy.676-680

Due to the wish of Prabhu, he checked somehow his feelings. He stayed that night there and then came to his cottage. Entering into his poor cottage he began to weep over the memory of Lakshmi Visvamvara. He began to think in his mind, "Narayan has taken birth as the son of Sachi in the name of Gaura and Lakshmi, the daughter of Vallava Misra is Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of valalva Misra is Goddess Lakshmi Herself. So Lakshmi Narayana both have manifested themselves in this earth. May a poor and worthless person like me ever get the favor of Prabhu Gaura Candra.681-686

While the brahmin had been eulogising Prabhu, he saw the darshan of Prabhu and the Vaikuntha Vilasa of Prabhu in his hut. He saw Sri Gaura Candra sitting on a ornamental throne with Lakshmi by his side. He saw the beauty of both of them which was beyond any comparison. In the meantime Prabhu took the image of Narayana with his four hands which perplexed the brahmin.687-691

The brahmin fell to the feet of Prabhu and Prabhu the lover of his devotees told him with a smile, "You are my most favorite servant in life after life and you are the most suitable person to observe my desires will be fulfilled according to my wish."692-694

Saying so, Prabhu placed his feet on the head of the brahmin and disappear. Since that time the brahmin began to swim in the ocean of the sport of Sri Navadvipa. Sri Ishana pointed out to Srinivasa the actual place of the dwelling hut of the brahmins. 695-697

Prabhu with his followers had done various sports in this Vai Kuntha pura which had become a place of religious importance. Sri Ishana paid his homage to this place and started for Matapura.698-700

Sri Ishana Thakura told Srinivasa that this village Matapura had been formerly known as Sri Mahatapura.701-702

According to the intention of Sri Krsna. the Pandavas had to live in the forest where different kinds of sports of Prabhu took place. The illustrious five Pandavas brothers used to travel in forests after forests and cities after cities which had not been visited by the Pandavas. They were taken to be regarded as the cities rejected by the Pandavas. According to the Puranas, the Pandavas had killed many demons in different countries on their town programme. While travelling in this way they entered into Gauradesh and hailed in the village Ekchakra in Radha desha. One of the Pandava brothers, Vima became very famous by killing the demonof Ekchakra.703-708

The five Pandavas brothers with Draupadi used to engage themselves always for the welfare of the people.709

Ekchakra used to remember the memory of Sri Krsna Balarama privately. Observing its beauty, Yudhisthira, the eldest of the five Pandavas bega to think that he had travelled many countries and villages but had never seen such a beautiful place like Ekchakra. He understood that this place must be a place of sport of Krsna but he knew nothing about him as Krsna had never told them anything. When the night had come to an end, due to the wish of Krsna Yudhistra fell asleep and dreamt of Lord Balarama who appeared before him and told him sweetly, "there is a village named Sri Navadvipa within a short distance from here which is encircled by the famous river Suradhumi and where in the first half of the Kaliyuga, Krsna will appear in disguise in the house of a brahmin. Due to this wish his confidants will take their birth in different places but due to his wish I have to take my birth here i.e. in this Ekchakra village.710-720

Being astonished the king began to think in his mind that this Ekchakra village seemed to him as the Swetadwipa with beautiful sceneries. At that very moment he woke up from sleep. He told his brothers about his dream. From Ekchakra, they came to Navadvipa and halted at this place. Maharaja Yudhistra thought whether he could see the same here what he had seen in Ekchakra through his dreams. While thinking so he became very perturbed. 721-725

Due to the wish of Krsna, Yudhistra fell to a little sleep and saw Krsna Valarama in his dream. Krsna told Yudhistra with a smile, "this Nadia is my birth place. I shall appear here bodily with my associates to madden the world with my san kirtana. I shall sport on the bank of the Sindhu by taking all of you with me and help you to drink the juice of the precious love of Vraja. 726-730

Understanding the mind of the king, Krsna took the image of Gaura. King Yudhistra forgot his own entity to observe the world maddening beauty of Krsna Valarama. With profuse tears in his eyes, he fell at the feet of the two Prabhus. The two Prabhus embraced the king and pacified him. Then they disappeared. In the morning the king told all to his brothers and they stayed there for some time.731-736

As Yudhistra was the greatest of all great men in the world, so this place became known as Mahatapura. The five Pandava brothers with Draupadi used to stay here under the shadow of a Panchavata tree and used to observe the beauty of Navadvipa from here. There had been a high hillock named Yudhistra Vedi but all had been punished in time. The Pandavas had lived here during the period of living incognito. By the order of Sri Navadvipa Candra, the Pandavas started for Odradesha.737-742

In Utkala, they had lived for some days near Purusottama Puri. There had been a beautiful forest where an idol of Sri Madhava lay hidden under the custody of a demon. Vima killed that demon by his gada and rescued the idol. They manifested the worship of Sri Madhava. They manifested the worship of Sri Madhava. Even today fortunate people kept on worshipping that idol. In this Maharapura, Gauracandra with his followers had revealed many sport. He who once caught sight of this place, could easily attain devotion to Prabhu. He who could remain absorbed into the topic of Mahatapura could easily remove miseries of other people. Ishana while remembering the other people. Ishana while remembering the sport of Gauranga, started from Sri Mahatapura. 743-750

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