Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 129


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Apr 17, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - Janhudvipa (Part One)

Ishana told them, look at the beauty of Vidyanagara. Now I am telling you from where the named has come." One day Vrihaspati in the court of the deities became very anxious. The deities asked him, "why are you so anxious?

Vrihaspati being jubilant told them, "Prabhu will be born in the house of brahmin Jagannatha Misra in Nadia in this Kali Yuga. Prabhu Gauracandra as the son of Jagannatha used to reveal many sports in his different forms of incarnation. When he is the incarnation of Rama, he shows his skill in weapons. Whereas being in incarnation of Krsna, he shows himself as a Gopa or a cowboy. Being the incarnation of Gauracandra, he shows his skill in education.499-506

"Prabhu will fulfill all my desires. I must go to Navadvipa for worshipping Prabhu requesting him to reveal himself soon in Navadvipa." So Vrihaspati started for Navadvipa where Prabhu would perform his sport of education.507-510

For observing this sport, Vrihaspati, a respected person, came to Navadvipa with his disciples. So Vrihaspati came to this Vidyanagara for worshipping Sri Gaura Sundara Prabhu ordered Vrihaspati, "very soon I shall reveal myself with my companions here. Spread education as much as possible." Rrihaspati became very glad and began practising education very sincerely. He also began to teach many pupils here. For the sport of Prabhu, he engaged himself in this effort and for this reason this place became famous as Sri Vidyanagara. The view of this village brought upliftment in all spheres and removed ignorance. Gauranga with his companions chose this place for his different sports by living in the house of his devotee.511-518

Now Ishana Thakura entered slowly Jannagara. He told Srinivasa that this Jannagara had been formerly known as Jannadvipa. But why it had been called Jannadvipa? Janhumini thought in his mind that by observing the view of beautiful Navadvipa, "Kaliyuga is more fortunate than other Yugas because in the Kaliyuga appears Sri Krsna Caitanya as an incarnation. He will appear with his associates in Navadvipa in the first part of the Kaliyuga. He will be of Gaura complexion and very beautiful looking. He will perform many sports here. Will I be able to observe this sport. 519-526

Thinking in this way the saint began to worship Sri Gauracandra and keeping his eyes shut he began to meditate. In his meditation, Prabhu appeared in his heart. He became enchanted to observe the grass green skin colored complexion of Prabhu in his usual posture of standing with a feather of a peacock in his hair. He had been holding a flute in his hand and played it sweetly. His moon like face glittered in brightness. Suddenly he saw Prabhu in his ascetic dress of saffron color holding a stick and a Kamamdolu in his hand and his bright skin had been glittering as bright as the Sun.527-532

The saint could not keep his eyes shut any longer. As soon as he opened them he saw him in front of him. Prabhu's beautiful curly hair and the ornaments in his body which had darkened in the glow of gold mesmerised the saint and even the whole world. He had been looking so magnificent that kandarpa would be put to shame. Prabhu Gaurahari favored the saint who fell to the lotus like feet of Prabhu and soaked them with the tears from his eyes. The saint began to eulogise Prabhu by placing his eyes on the beautiful face of Prabhu.533-539

Prabhu embraced him again and again and blessed him by saying that all his desires would be fulfilled. Then Prabhu disappeared and the saint being pacified began to thank his own good fortune. He said to himself, "My meditation became successful after a long time." The saint sincerely wanted to sing the praise of Nadia and engaged himself in singing the glory and grace of Nadia Cand all the time. In doing so his body became covered in dust and his eyes shed tears. As Janhumuni used to stay here, this place became to be known as Janhudwipa. Ishana told Srinivasa, "While thinking of the sport of Sri Gauracandra in Janhumuni, my heart is breaking up. People say that here is situated a beautiful forest full of different types of flowers named Tapavana of Sri Janhumuni. The view of this place can remove all miseries and agonies and can increase faith in devotion."540-548

From Jannagara, Ishana went to the direction of Maugachi village which was a beautiful place and this place had been formerly known as Modrumadvipa. The real history of this place was that for keeping the words of his father, the son of Kaushalya had left Ayodhya and had gone to the forest. Having left the royal dress, Prabhu gladly began to travel in the forest with Janaki and Lakshmana. The hard way became soft as Prabhu had walked on it with his soft feet.549-555

The narrative of Prabhu's sports in the forest is a beautiful one. While Prabhu had been traveling from one forest to another, the weather always remained favorable to him. The people from all the countries became mad to observe the beauty of Ramacandra. The forests and mountains which Prabhu had visited became famous as great holy places.556-558

A short distance from here to the northern direction, Ramacandra used to stay in a mountain cave. Even today peoples visit that holy place. In this way traveling many places Ramacandra came here. It was a beautiful scene that Ramacandra, the son of king Dasharatta was walking first, then Sri Janaki in the middle and Thakura Laksmana at the end. Apart from all people even the animals and birds were enchanted to see the beauty of Sri Rama, Sri Janaki and Sri Laksmana. Rama Rajivalochana who had been respected by even Vrahma and other Gods, had been walking with the gait of an elephant looking here and there. From a short distance of Navadvipa, he looked at the place with a smile on his face. Observing the smiling face of Ramacandra, Janaki asked him, "why are you smiling?" Sri Ramacandra replied, "After the Dwapara Yuga, there will occur a very funny thing in Navadvipa in the first half of the Kaliyuga. I shall perform a queer sport in Navadvipa and then I shall accept the life of an ascetic. I shall travel in this way as I am doing now." Thinking of the future I now smile.559-570

Hearing this Janaki asked him with folded hands, "what will you do my Lord in Nadia?"571

Prabhu said, "I shall be born of a brahmin family and shall reveal many activities in my childhood. My color complexion will be bright yellow which will enchant the world. I shall become a great scholar and become famous in the world. I shall marry twice after the death of my father. I shall go to Gaya for Pindadana just as I have done in my life. I shall increase the devotional spirit of my devotees in Navadvipa and preach the glory of San kirtana. I shall go for asceticism after giving consolation to my favorite associates."572-577

Listening to this, Sri Janaki told him with a smile, "As you have decided to go for asceticism then why will you marry? I think it is not fair, why are you so cruel when you are known for your kindness."578-579

Hearing this Rama was ashamed and told Sri Janaki, "it is beyond your realisation what I am going to do in Navadvipa." While saying so Sri Rama along with Sri Janaki and Lakshmana came to this place.580-581

Here there had been a great banyan tree. They came to stand under its shade. Again Sri Janaki asked, "What type of san kirtana will you start in Nadia?'582-583

Janaki Vallava Rama Rajivalochana told his loving wife, "shut your eyes."584

Then Janaki shut her eyes and observed the wonderful sport in Navadvipa. The numerous devotees of Prabhu had been engaged in San kirtana by singing and dancing with numerous musical instruments. Among the devotees stood Sri Gaura Sundara looking very young and as an ocean of beauty. Sita became overwhelmed to see the world conquering beauty of Sri Gaurahari. She opened her eyes and looked at her loving husband. Lovingly Sri Ramacandra pacified her.585-589

On the other hand, Sri Sumitranandana Lakshmana knew everything and so he became very much emotional to remember the memory of the sport. As all of them became very jovial here, the place became famous as Modadrumadvipa.590-591 He who got the view of this Madadrumdavipa, got the favour of Sri Rama, Janaki and Lakshmana.592

"O my dear Srinivasa, this is the place called Ramavata which disappeared with the entrance of the Kaliyuga.593

From here Ramacandra gladly started for Utkala with Sri Sita and Lakshmana. In Utkala, Sri Ramacandra installed the idol of Siva in the name of Rameswara. This place situated on the bank of the Suvarna rekha. From there Ramacandra began to travel from forest to forest and everywhere he revealed various types of sports. Sri Gaura Sundara had done many sports in this Mangachi village. 594-598

"O my dear Srinivas, here lived a brahmin who was a worshipper of Rama. He had been present in the house of Jagannatha Misra at the time of the birth of Prabhu Visvambara. On the auspicious moment the deities began to make noises of ovation in the name of Prabhu and this made the brahmin very happy as he realised that his Prabhu had revealed himself. He knew at once that King Dasharatha had come in the form of Jagannatha Misra and Queen Kaushllya as mother Saci.599-603

He did not tell anyone but only kept on observing Visvambhara. Then he returned to his own house. While thinking of Durva dala Shyama Ramacandra, he saw the son of Misra, Gaurahari in place of Ramacandra. In the very moment he fell asleep and saw Gauracandra in front of him who had been looking magnificent in his Gaura complexion, with a moon like face, in his Gaura complexion, with a moon like face, big and long hands, broad chest, big eyes, silky curly hair on his head with a flower crown and the sacred thread hanging round his beautiful neck. He had been sitting on an ornamental throne in front of which stood Vrambha and other Gods with their folded hands.604-611

While the brahmins had been looking at the beauty of Gauracandra, Prabhu quickly changed his form and became Durvadala Syama Sri Rama Candra, son of Kaushallya who had been looking very beautiful in ornamental decorated royal dress, smiling face, the bow and arrow in his hands. Sri Sita Devi had sat by his side and Lakshmana had been holding an umbrella on the head of Prabhu. In front of Prabhu there stood Sri Pavana nandana Hanuman with his hands folded. The brahmins at once fell at the feet of Ramacandra who favored him very much as he was the greatest lover of his devotees. Then he disappeared and the brahmin woke up. But he became so grief stricken that Prabhu again appeased before him and forbade him to tell anyone about this dream. So the Brahmin did not tell anybody. Ishana told Srinivasa that the brahmin had done great favor to him and told him something of great value. In his opinion, he who once got the view of the place dwelt by the brahmin could be relieved from worldly services.612-623

Here Sri Gaura Candra had revealed the Rama Lila with his associates. After describing all these incidents, Ishana started for Vaikuntha from Maugachi. 624-623

Here Sri Gaura Candra had revealed the Rama Lila with his associates. After describing all these incidents, Ishana started for Vaikuntha from Maugachi.624-625

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