Where Will Reality Be


Apr 15, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

night time dream day time dream where will reality be
stuck inside illusion's vault with so-called history
knowledge confusion illusion, proud of expertise
actors on the stage of life, roles take us by and by
prowling the planes of Africa, swiftly soaring up in the sky
A high court judge, an intellectual, a good and saintly king
money man collecting wealth, worker to fix some things
what's called enjoyer or sufferer or maybe dumb and wise
the covering of a temporary dress transformed with spiritual eyes
we take our lives so seriously all duties hand in hand
neglecting the very problem that we face every woman, every man
intoxicated by the senses, false promise a future may bring
always pushing against time and tide while death is wheeling us in
don't die like an animal forgetting big questions we must ask
liberated from those thirsty senses, the mind won't take to task
to delude and elude, countless journeys, false ego's mask
no controller, hot and colder, dualities slip from truth
humility knows no bounds if the soul can sit aloof
a machine made of matter, thin or fatter, subtle things of course
Supreme reality, spiritual locality, wisdom one can't force.


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