Book Changes Background


Apr 15, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

Generally, we consider and analyse the huge global changes made in Srila Prabhupada's books only on the first basic level, meaning the level of the changes themselves, and the illegitimate spiritual basis to do that.

My opinion is that there is possibly another level about those changes which we don't consider and is a background much more subtle level which is, maybe, many times, even more important and disastrous than the changes themselves.

Demoniac people, for example, in the material world have their understanding and processes to get or increase their material power. Sometimes, they have to kill someone... but this "someone", is, by himself, absolutely not important and is not at all a disturbance for those people. Only the act is actually important. So, their murder is not at all rational but is only a kind of initiatory step to do and cross in order to voluntarily break some spiritual law. And the more innocent, saintly or dear the victim is, the better and most efficient the act is! After, they think that no come-back is any longer possible from that. And the fact is that after it, it is actually almost impossible not to engage oneself fully in demoniac activities. It becomes too hard to face the spiritual reality. Demons have their own practices.

So, about Srila Prabhupada's books, it is really possible that the changes by themselves are very often less important for those who do or allow them, than the fact itself of doing that. By doing that in such a huge way, they break voluntarily a spiritual law and get free from their past attachment for Prabhupada. And because they are not really interested in reaching Krsna, by doing that, they get more material power. It can also be not completely conscious. Maya is much more subtle and intelligent than we think.

Of course, it is completely stupid for them to do that, even considering their own real interest, but demons are stupid anyway! They don't obey any spiritual logic. Krsna says in Gita that they are even envious of themselves (the soul). Read that again very quickly, before it disappears from Gita! It will maybe not take long for this change to occur.


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