Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 128


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Apr 15, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - Koladwipa or Kulia Paharpura

Sri Ishana with Srinivasa entered the village named Kulia Paharapura. He said to Srinivasa that this place had been formerly known as Koladwipa. A brahmin devotee of Sri Koladeva had started his worship for Sri Koladwipa here.

That brahmin had been singin the praise of the character of Sri Koladeva with tears in his eyes. He prayed to Koladeva to appear before him only once. His sincere prayer and tears attracted the mind of the devotee loving Prabhu Gaurahari who took the form of Kola whose superb beauty, well shaped hands, legs, nose, eyes and heigh as high as a mountain went beyond description. The brahmin became overwhelmed to observe the beauty of Varahadeva and fell at the feet of Prabhu delightfully. Devotee loving Koladeva told the brahmin sweetly that his wishes would be fulfilled and he could observe the sport of Prabhu in Nadia. Then he disappeared. Though the brahmin became very disappointed yet he controlled his emotion and began to think about the form of incarnation which Prabhu would take in Navadvipa.372-388

The brahmin took the help of the Vedas and other scriptures to find out the details of the appearance of Prabhu and his nature of incarnation. He found that Prabhu would appear with Gaura complexion in a brahmin family of the Navadvipa in this Kaliyuga. He would establish the glory of sankirtana and distribute his doctrine of love and devotion among the poor and wretched mankind. He would taste the juice of Vraja love and would accept the life of an ascetic in an auspicious moment. Observing the supernatural land he began to lament in this way. Even the scriptures have mentioned the name of Sri Navadvipa dharma which will be the sporting place of Prabhu but I am so unfortunate that I know nothing of it. I doubt whether I will be favored by Sri Navadvipa to take my birth in Navadvipa at the time of Prabhu's appearance. Then he began to weep in despair. In the meantime he got an oracle from the sky saying, "You will be born at that time." The brahmin became very glad and was absorbed into the nama of Prabhu. Ishana told Srinivasa that he had heard from an old expert that due to the favor of Koladeva to the brahmin, this place came to be known as Koladvipa. The sight of this place could destroy all kinds of ill beings and could grant pure devotion to mankind by fulfilling their desires to the fullest extent. In this way they kept on travelling the places of sport of Prabhu.389-402

Ritudwipa or Ratupura

While they reached near the village Samudragari, Ishana pointed out to Srinivasa that the experts had called it Sri Samudra gati because it dealt with the topic on Ganga and Samudra. The village Samudra Gati had flourished here depending on the favor of the Ganges.403-405

One day Samudra addressed Ganga saying that there has been none more fortunate than Ganga in the world. According to wise and virtuous people, Sri Gaurasundara who was God Himself would bodily appear in Nadia and he would perform many sports on the bank of the Ganga. He with his companions would sport in the water of the Ganga just like the sport of Krsna in the water of the Yamuna. Janhavi told Samudra sweetly, "to whom shall I tell my miseries? Though at first I will get much pleasure yet much more miseries will be waiting for me when Mahaprabhu will accept asceticism and will go to live by your side. He will increase your pleasure day by day by his numerous sports there. While there are so many chances of your pleasure then why are you increasing my miseries by telling my fortune?" Samudra answered, "What are you saying? I have to see him in the dress of an ascetic which will be so pain staking to me that I am afraid as to how can I bear that. For this reason to get peace of mind I have come to you to take refuge under your kindness because you will show me the sport of Prabhu in Nadia and his magnificent and enchanting beauty. I will observe the favorite companions of Prabhu making the hair style of Prabhu's beautiful curly hair. I will see with your help Prabhu and his associates all the time. 406-419

In this way they remained in constant thinking of the appearance of Prabhu and became very impatient. Gradually Suradhumi and Samudra came to realise that the time had come for the appearance of Prabhu.420-422

At the time of appearance, the day became highly auspicious as that day occurred on the lunar eclipse and nama kirtana. Sri Navadvipa bhumi had become highly spirited and so also the house of Jagannatha Misra. All the people began to float in the ocean of extreme happiness. All the saints began to worship Prabhu and Viramba and other deities began to shower flowers from heaven. When actually Prabhu was born, the news of his birth at once had been circulated in the world. To observe the Prakata lila of Prabhu Sindhu being perplexed, told many things to Ganga. Samudra everyday used to come with Ganga and enjoy the sport of Gauracandra. One day Samudra saw Gauracandra with his associates under a tree on the bank of the Ganga. He had been sitting on a celestial throne who in beauty could defeat kandarpa, who in his beautiful curly hair could charm the whole world, who with his facial beauty could defeat million of moons. He was smiling as if showing nectar. His eyes were broad and stretched up to his ears. His hands were long stretching up to his knees and his chest was remarkably broad. He looked very beautiful with his well shaped naval, knees and legs. He wore a white silk dhoti with red borders. His body was smeared with saNdal paste and was decorated by many types of scented flowers and ornaments. He looked beautiful with his companions standing at both sides. Sri Nityananda was on his right side and Gadadhara was on his left side. Advaita was in front of him with Srinivasa and others. Samudra became ecstatic by this sight and looked at Gauracandra without dropping his eyelashes.423-440

Samudra became overwhelmed to observe Prabhu's companions serving their Prabhu. he began to cherish many hopes in his mind. Prabhu who was God Himself realised his mind and granted his wishes. Being mad in joy SAmudra kept on enjoying the sport of Prabhu. He began to admire the fortune of ganga with whom he used to come everyday to observe the sport of Prabhu. The name Samudra Gati came from the coming of Samudra with Ganga. Now people used to call it by the named Samudra Gati the sight of which could increase the feeling of pure devotion in the minds of the devotees.441-447

From Samudra Gari, Ishana started for Champakahatta. He said to Srinivasa that the name Champakahatta had been transformed into Champakhati. In this place there had been a Champakavana where the gardeners used to pluck many champa flowers to make garlands and different types of flower ornaments. They used to establish a flower market here for selling their flower commodities and people used to buy from them for worshipping of deities. In this way the name chapmahati came. 448-453

Some experts said that here, there had been an old brahmin scholar who had great devotion for Krsna. One day he collected numerous Champaka flowers and began to worship Krsna most gladly. Though he thought of the green complexioned Krsna yet he viewed the form of Gaura in that form of Krsna. His Gaura complexion was as similar as that of Champaka flowers. Suddenly they form of Gaura disappeared leaving the brahmin in utter despair. He with a heavy heart began to stare at the Champaka flowers and started studying hte Vedas and scriptures in the hope of finding any answer to it. After a long time he controlled his emotions and told from the scriptures that Prabhu would appear in the Kali Yuga as an incarnation of Krsna for establishing the glory of san kirtana and changing the world by it. He again thought that Krsna would appear as an incarnation in Navadvipa but the time of appearance would take a longtime and that he would not be able to see the beautiful Gaura complexioned body of Prabhu. While thinking so he had been extracting heavy sighs and his face and breast used to be moistened with tears from his eyes.454-465

Due to the wish of Prabhu, he fell asleep and dreamt of Sri Gaurahari whose beauty seemed to be beautiful like a champaka flower, whose facial beauty could defeat the beauty of his beautiful curly hair, eyes, nose hands and chest etc. which enchanted the whole universe. The brahmin's joy know no bounds and out of despair and grief the brahmin lost his sense. After a long time the brahmin our of passion embraced the champaka flowers and said, "You have showed me Gaura incarnation."446-473

From the words of elulogies which the brahmin had uttered for the champaka flowers, came the name champakahatta. Prabhu then granted him the fulfillment of his desires. The brahmin became very glad as he could see Prabhu in Nadia. Ishana now showed Srinivasa the house of brahmin Vaninath who was the very favorite of Prabhu Gauranga. This hint about Vaninath had also been given by the book Sri Gaura Ganaddesa Dipika.474-480

From Champika Village Ishana started for Ratipuna village. When they reached near Ratupura, he told Srinivasa tht formerly it had been a small one. Formerly this place had been the dwelling place of numerous devotees of Krsna. Sri Gauranga had done many sports in this Ratupura village.481-484

"O my dear Srinivasa, said Ishana, "now I an narrating you the history of this village. Here all the six seasons, Varsha, Sarata, Hemanta, Sita or Sisira, Vasanta and Girishma, used to be present here bodily. Addressing one another they began to talk sweetly. Krsna candra will appear in Nadia, Some of them said, he will perform wonderful sport here to increase our happiness little by little. Some one said, "When Vrajendra nandana Gaurahari will reveal himself for our happiness. Some said, "Sri Narada has announced everywhere that he will be the incarnation in the first half of the Kali yuga." Some said, "when will he appear?" Some others said, "Vasanta may be that fortunate person." Vasanta became glad and he began to thank his own good fortune. The other Ritus with their king kept on thinking about the time of Prabhu's appearance. They began to worship Prabhu with many hopes in their minds. For this reason this place became famous as Ritudwipa. Prabhu would sport here during the all six seasons. He who took the view of this place, could be entitled to take his birth in Nadia to observe the sport of Prabhu. Saying so Ishana from Ritudvipa started for Vidya nagara with Srnivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra.485-498

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