Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 127


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Apr 13, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - Godruma or Gadigacha

While discussing the devotees of Sri Caitanya, they entered the village of Gadigacha. Ishana began his narration of the history of Gadigacha by explaining that it had formerly been known as Godruma dvipa.

One day Indra told Surabigavi, "because of the illusory potency of the Lord I am unable to control myself, and because of my pride I have created many offenses. Although the Lord has forgiven me I still feel guilty. I want to be thoroughly punished so that I may once again serve my Lord properly."

Surabigavi sweetly replied, "I can understand your mind and I assure you that your desires will be fulfilled by this incarnation of the Lord. He will reveal himself in the near future simply to benefit the Kaliyuga. Vrajendranandana Krsna will take the form of Sri Gauranga and reveal his transcendental pastimes in Navadvipa. Only those who get his mercy will be able to understand his true nature. As Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Lord will save mankind from all types of miseries.238-249

Surabi and Indra were delighted simply to observe the beauty of Navadvipa. In order to worship the feet of the Lord Surabi was able to see Sanatana who was the Lord himself. Her ecstasy was boundless as she observed the magnificent beauty of Sri Gauracandra with his sweet smile. The moon of Navadvipa said to Surabi, "I can understand your mind and therefore I am empowering you to observe my pastimes in Navadvipa and thus all your desires will be fulfilled." 250-254

The Lord had just spoken his benediction to Surabi when Indra came running forward and humbly fell on the ground at his feet. Seeing Indra's miserable state of mind Prabhu Visvambhara assured him, "do not worry. You will get your desires fulfilled."255-257

Indra then spoke to the Lord, "is there anyone who is not overwhelmed by your illusory potency? I long to see your Navadvipa pastimes which will be non different than your pastimes in Vraja. The Lord smiled softly and blessed Indra who in turn joined with Surabi in eulogising the Lord in various ways. They were very disappointed when Sri Caitanya disappeared from their vision. They turned their attention once again to the beauty of Navadvipa where devotional love had already revealed itself. Previously there was a large pepula tree under which Surabi would rest and because of that the place had been known as Godruma dvipa. Its popular name was Gadigacha and whoever visited the holy place would gain devotion at the feet of Krsna and get his desires fulfilled. 258-261

Madhya dvipa or Majita

Ishana Thakura and his three associates were enchanted by the beauty of Majita village which had previously been known as Madhya dvipa. At one time there were seven saints who were absorbed in the glories of the Lord and as they observed the beauty of Navadvipa they began to discuss the reasons why Navadvipa was the most holy of all places. One saint said that the glories of Nadia were boundless because the Lord would perform many pastimes there, both in Prakata and Aparakata forms. Everyone would be able to see the Prakata lilas of the Lord and the most fortunate devotees would also see the Aprakata lilas. Another saint said that simply to benedict the Kali Yuga the Lord would take birth in the house of Jagannatha Misra. His complexion would be golden and he would enchant the entire universe. Another saint said that the Navadvipa pastimes of Krsna would be beyond the comprehension of Brahma and the demigods.

Yet another commented that because Sacinandana was self willed so all his activities would be performed according to his own personal desires. In the Kali Yuga he would benedict mankind with the most precious gift of devotional love. Another saint commented that because Mahaprabhu would be the ocean of kindness, his favor towards the living entities would be boundless. He and his associates would enchant the entire world by sankirtana. Yet another saint knew that Gaurahari would be the life of his devotees and he would renounce his home to live the life of an ascetic. Although he would bless the holy places with his presence, he would live in Khetra out of great love for Lord Jagannatha. In this way the seven saints talked and remembered the lotus feet of the Lord.270-288

During the mid day Sun and like the mid day Sun, Prabhu appeared before them. The saints could not drop their eyelashes to observe the enchanting beauty of Prabhu. Being ecstatic they fell at the feet of Prabhu and began to eulogise Prabhu in various ways. After competing their circumambulating around Prabhu, they said to him, "O dear Lord, we all cherish the hope of observing your Nadia sport with our own eyes. We also want to see Nadia in our meditation and to sing the praise of your devotees."289-194

The saints prayed to Prabhu to give them thousand eyes to observe Prabhu Himself. Prabhu being pleased, told them, "Your desires will be fulfilled but mind one thing, my Navadvipa sport is a confidential one. So you have to keep it in your confidence. Hearing this, the saints said, "Prabhu, is it humanly possible to cover the sun by the palms. Prabhu began to smile on hearing this. After favoring the saints, Prabhu disappeared. They felt very sorry die to his disappearance and left that place named Kumara Hatta on the bank of the Ganges very suitable for their establishment and decided to stay there. That place became famous as the Sapta Rishi Ghata.295-303

This place had become famous by the name of Madhua Dvipa because Prabhu had appeared here like the mid day Sun.304-305

The saints who had been engaged in meditation here, had kept its named as Madhya vipa which could perish all misfortunes. Due to the sport of Gauranga here, it had become so famous in the world. 306-308

Sri Ishana now advance gladly towards the village named Vamana paukhera. He started talking about the glory of that place where Prabhu had performed many sports to Srinivasa. Some experts said that Vamana Paukhera had been formerly known as Vramhana - Puskara. He began to narrate the history of this village to Srinivasa.309-313

There had been a highly experienced old brahmin who was also a great meditator and scholar in all scriptures. he had a hope in his mind to visit the Puskara Tirtha for which he had a great reverence, but could not go there due to his old age. he repented and said, "I am unfortunate as I cannot see Sri Puskara Tirtha as it is situated in distant western country . I have spent my golden days in futile. I am afraid as to when Sri Tirtha will favor me to go there." The brahmins began to lament over this privately. Observing the brahmin's miserable state of mind, Sri Puskara Tirtharaj out of kindness appeared before him. Suddenly a new kunda exposed itself with pure water. Sri Pukara tirtha Raj appeared before the brahmin and told him sweetly, "Do not lament anymore. Come and take your bath in this kunda." The brahmin became very glad and hastily took his bath. As soon as he got up from the Kunda, he obtained some sort of celestial knowledge.314-324

The brahmins eulogised Sri Puskara Tirtha by falling on the ground and with his folded hands he again told him, "it is kind of you that you have come from a distant place for me." Puskara replied, "I have not come from a distant place on the contrary I used to live in Nadia for serving that holy place where all the holy places used to assemble to pay their homage.325-328

Navadvipa dharma is the eternal abode of love and devotion which is the sporting place of Sri Gauracandra who has done the Rasa Vilasa once in Sri Vrndavana. He is Syama in Vrndavana and he is Gaura in Navadvipa. In Navadvipa Prabhu behaves like a Gopa. This Kaliyuga will float in the river of happiness due to the Prakata and aprakata sport of Prabhu. In this Kaliyuga Prabhu will distribute the precious gem like devotion and deliver the living being from damnation and reveal the glory of san kirtana. The fortunate people of Nadia can see the sport of Prabhu." 325-336

On hearing all of this the brahmin began to weep loudly saying, "Can I take birth that time in Nadia? Can I be so fortunate to observe the beautiful sport of Gaura Candra?" Sri Puskara Raj appeared after consoling the brahmin in various ways.337-339

The brahmin became very disheartened for the disappearances of Puskara. In the meantime an oracle came to the brahmin. "Always think of the feet of Sri Gauracandra. Calm down for all your wishes will be fulfilled." The brahmin became very happy and began to think of the Moon of Navadvipa all the time. Everyone was very astonished to observe the efforts of brahmin through which he been trying to please Prabhu. The named Vramana Puskar came from that favor which Puskara had given to the brahmin. 340-345

So this was the place of Puskara Tirtha where the brahmin had worshipped Prabhu. He who lived here, could get the darshan of Prabhu.346-347

He who sang the praise of this place, could avoid the sufferings of Hell.348

"O Srinivasa, what shall I say as to why I have seen here." Saying so, Sri Ishana began to weep. Now they started from Vamana Pukara.349-350

Standing near the boundary of Hatadanga village Ishana told Srinivasa, "Look at the village Hatadanga which had been formerly known as Uchagartha. I am now telling you from where the name has come. Indra and other deities used to live here and they began to talk to one another that the Kaliyuga would be gratified by the bodily appearance of Prabhu Sri Krsna Chaitanya and Advaita Iswana and Nityananda Valarama.351-356

Some said that Navadvipa would become the sporting place of all Vaisnavas, Prabhus who would be the life of the poor, worthless and even wretched mankind. Some said that Prabhu with his associates would charm the universe by san kirtana. A river of divine happiness would be flowing in Nadia which would destroy the sins of mankind. Some said that the fortunate people could only observe the sport of Prabhu in Nadia.357-361

They all cherished the hope of taking birth in Navadvipa at the time of Prabhu's appearance there. Some said with great confidence that they must be born there at that time to enjoy the sport of Prabhu. They hoped that they could engage themselves in the service of Prabhu. They began to sing kirtana loudly by raising their hands high up in the sky and pray to Prabhu to appear as early as possible in Navadvipa. They began to dance madly in loud kirtana. From this type of loud singing came the name Uchyahatta. The sight of this place brought well being to mankind because Saci Kumara with his associates had gratified this place by his divine love and sankirtana. While describing this Ishana could not control his tears as the memory of Prabhu had been coming to his mind.362-371

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