War-torn Treachery


Apr 11, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

war-torn treachery is there no end in sight
where are the ksatriyas who with their might
protect the innocent and demons remove
uphold justice and Vedic wisdom prove
where are the brahmans a direction is sought
a topsy-turvy world its people desperate and fraught
where are the vaishyas their wealth in good use
given to those who counsel for a truce
let good sense prevail with knowledge abound
in Prabhupada's teachings, these things are found
those who know and those who have faith
continue to distribute in every time and every space
there should be no doubt a time will come soon
after thoughtful deliberation, the intelligencia commune
will take and make the impossible come to pass
revive a lost society and its compassion will surpass
a so called civilized sensitive, but hypocritical mob
that rob the soul, forever planning an inside job
corruption abound steeped in an ignorant trance
Prabhupada's directions, that boil he will lance
the planet and its citizens once more placed
on a course to meet their maker with minds that are chased
peaceful thoughtful, higher realms within
the pleasure of real love this life will bring.


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