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Apr 11, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

The GBC went on with its articles on Dandavats.com about its different functions in Prabhupada's Movement, all that with the mission to clarify everything on the subject, and for everyone. Let's have on glance at it...

"GBC: Maintaining the Principle of Unity in Diversity"

After Srila Prabhupada's quotes that you can read by yourselves, you get the GBC's opinion on it:

    "Implementing unity in diversity requires maintaining the delicate balance between the need of the Society to conserve its fundamental principles and practices, and the need to encourage creativity, individuality, and innovation. Another application of unity in diversity manifests in the variety of approaches in preaching in which the message remains authentic and undiluted but the form may be inspired by local situations, environments, and the individuality of the preachers."

Well... on the principle, it's ok! Nothing to argue! But in practice? Let's resume the facts and present actual reality:

Prema Baba is obviously part of the GBC's understanding of their desired acintya bhedabheda tattva and has even the right to be some Brazilian devotee leaders' adviser or kind of siksa guru, even if he appears to be an impersonnalist devotee mixed with a sense enjoyer.

Mayavadis who are very close to some ISKCON gurus and who have some influence on them are also part of this wonderful GBC plan of Unity in Diversity. And some people who did evil to children are also pieces of this marvellous living puzzle.

BUT... devotees who don't accept all that... devotees who don't accept the big changes in Srila Prabhupada's books... devotees who question the real qualifications of today's ISKCON gurus... and devotees who really want to reach the goal of life... all those categories are not accepted, not part of this marvellous Unity in Diversity. They are considered as ISKCON enemies! Really not lucky!

So, I think that the GBC could simplify all that and say: "We only welcome in our Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva the sheep who accept our authority, never mind they are mayavadi sheeps, rotten sheeps, abusive sheeps, crook sheeps, liars sheeps, etc. ...as long as they are sheep. We don't want any right, truthful and honest tigers nor panthers."

That would be clearer and could be the first lines of their constitution. And their motto could be: Sheeps, Submission (mixed vaisnava-impersonnalist) Peace! And Omerta!

Given that the GBC, as they said, consider that Srila Prabhupada is the ultimate Authority, I suppose that Prabhupada would have approved that, would he ?

"GBC: Protecting the Reputation & Ensuring the Endurance of ISKCON "

OK! But not at any price! If, little by little, to assure ISKCON's reputation and endurance in the future, we have to lie, hide things or, more and more, try to please the materialists and not mentally disturb them on any plan, nobody will never go to Krsna! The endurance we must assure is the one of the real purpose of life and the way to reach it CONCRETELY! Not only in our (death golden gate) dreams! And not the endurance of the institution for the pleasure alone to keep this institution. The institution is not the goal and is not supposed to go to Krsna. People are!

"GBC: Strategizing & Leading ISKCON's Qualitative & Quantitative Growth – Ensuring that Srila Prabhupada's Books Are Distributed, Studied and Assimilated"

Yes! I perfectly understand that they want the leaders and devotees to read their new Jayadvaita Swami arranged, corrected and "improved" Prabhupada books with their new reality of pure devotees, gurus, etc... and their improved verse, "tad viddhi pranipatena", with "the spiritual masterS can impart knowledge in you for THEY have seen the Truth". Well... among other things and changes... Maybe in the future, some new versions of it? I propose: "The ISKCON approved spiritual masters can impart knowledge in you for the ISKCON approved gurus have seen the Truth". It looks impossible at the moment, but maybe with time… you dreamed about it? ISKCON will make it! So, yes! The reading of those new books serves their purpose!

Mao Tse-tung wanted his people to read his little red book, Stalin and Enver Hodja their own ones, and Hitler wanted the Germans to read Mein Kampf. So, we are in some historical continuity even if the comparison is a little caricatural. But from material considerations, all that is perfectly logical and in order! The only problem is that we don't want and we are not supposed to reach any material achievements, including perfection in material dharma. But only pure spiritual level. Suddha sattva. It becomes impossible through a materialized process and with materialized tools.

Curiously, the GBC does not encourage devotees and leaders to read the first editions of Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad-gita... they are sometimes even forbidden in ISKCON. Why? Because of some little grammatical 'errors'? They are so dangerous? Well… it's right that in the past, I received some e-mails from devotees which had some orthografic or grammatical mistakes and it endangered my spiritual life to a point that you cannot imagine! Only a doctor-in-grammar devotee saved me, but as we know, to meet this kind of devotee is as rare as for a tortoise to put its head out in the ocean and to put it in a rubber ring! So, I was actually very fortunate.

We also had two addresses on Dandavats.com from our new (again and again... if he is the best of all, it is dramatic for ISKCON) Chairman, Bhakti Caru Swami, with of course, the same concerns. I always appreciated, among other things, his great ostentatious humility and on this occasion, about Lord Ramacandra, his great concern and sudden emphasis on the words "high morality". It was wonderful! Strangely, he was a little bit less concerned about morality when he engaged with some of his disciples who lent him money for his (sannyasi) ore prospecting business, and then wanted to be paid back. Why?


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