Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 126


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Apr 11, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Twelve - The description of Antadvipa

Sri Ishana explained that Atopura had fallen into obscurity for a long time. He then explained the origins of its original name Antardvipa. In the Dwarapara Yuga, Lord Krsna enacted his pastimes in Vraja.

Once Lord Brahma stole the cows and cowherd boyfriends of Lord Krsna, but to destroy the pride of Brahma Krsna assumed the form of each calf or cowherd himself. Brahma could not understand the trick and became quite nervous. Driven by guilt Brahma to eulogize Krsna in various ways and Krsna let him continue for a long time before he felt satisfied with Brahma's repentance. Brahma, however, could not forgive himself and decided that his own guilt could not be absorbed without the help of the incarnation of Caitanya.142-146

By appearing in the first half of the Kali Yuga, Sri Krsna Caitanya would benefit the entire age, and if Brahma could worship the Lord in Navadvipa, then certainly the Lord would fulfill his desires. It was here in Atopura that Brahma began his worship of Sri Krsna Caitanya.

When Prabhu Gauracandra appeared as the great lover of devotees, the glittering brightness of his body seemed to illuminate the ten kotas of the globe. His golden complexion defeated the pride of gold and the glory of Kandapa. He was beautiful with his long arms that reached his knees as well as his gorgeous dress and ornaments. His large eyes stretched wide to his ears and their glance seemed to conquer the pride of millions of moons. His nectarine smile mesmerized the entire universe. Brahma was so overwhelmed by the presence of Sri Caitanya that he lost his composure and wept as he eulogized the Lord. He fell on the ground in humble obeisances at the feet of Sri Caitanya. Seeing the sincerity of Lord Brahma, Sacinandana was satisfied and spoke sweetly, "You are always my favorite and I am always pleased with you. Now tell me what you desire."147-158

Brahma humbly replied, "My dear Lord please take your birth in Nadia in the Kali Yuga and reveal your pastimes with your associates. At that time please allow me to take birth in a lower caste because I want to destroy my own pride. People should look on me with contempt so that my ego will be destroyed and I will rest humbly at your feet. In this incarnation please do not cover me with your illusory maya as you have done previously. I want to be continually involved with your associates and I want to worship throughout my many lives and deaths."159-164

Sri Mahaprabhu was quite satisfied with the prayer of Lord Brahma and granted his request. Brahma was delighted and asked, "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead itself, so who can understand your intentions? In your previous incarnations you have performed many pastimes. What will you reveal to us when you come to Nadia? I know you will appear there to save mankind from damnation, but I want to hear the details of your activities."165-169

"In the form of a devotee I shall practice devotion, and I shall reveal the glory of the precious jewel sankirtana," replied Mahaprabhu. "I shall attract the attention of mankind to the glory of Vraja by an application of Madhura rasa.?170-172

As he spoke Sri Ishana cried softly in memory of the love and devotion of Sri Radha and of the three wishes of Mahaprabhu which he expressed to Brahma and later revealed to qualify unvirtuous devotees.173-174

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta has also mentioned these three goals of Prabhu Sri Krsna Caitanya. 175

Prabhu Caitanya repeated his promise to Lord Brahma, "I assure you that you will be present in Navadvipa to observe my pastimes." Thereafter, Mahaprabhu disappeared and the place became known as Antadvipa. Brahma was satisfied that he had obtained the mercy of the Lord and waited eagerly for the auspicious incarnation of Mahaprabhu in Navadvipa. "My dear Srinivasa," said Ishana, "who can describe the pastimes of Mahaprabhu in Antadvipa? Simply seeing Antadvipa fulfills all desires."176-180

Visit to Suvana Vihara Sri Ishana directed the devotees towards the village of Suvani Vihara where Mahaprabhu had performed many pastimes. Then they entered the village of Samalia.181-182

Samanta dvipa or Samalia As they looked at the beauty of Samalia, Ishana Thakura narrated the various incidents which made it famous throughout the world. Once Maheswara in Kailasha Parvata was enjoying the nectarine glories of the devotees of Nadia who were engaged in worship of all the incarnations of Sri Visnu. Maheswara grew ecstatic as he sang the glories of the devotees of Krsna with his five mouths. While chanting Digavarma also danced so vigorously that Girivara Kailash began to tremble. 183-184

While dancing Maheswara played his instruments singa and damaru whose sound pierced the sky and he simultaneously roared like a lion. Seeing he condition of her husband, Palvati devi felt puzzled and could not decide what to do. After a long time Deva Trilichana grew calm and quiet but shed tears in ecstatic joy. Seated on his tiger skin and poised like a silver mountain, he sang the glories of the Kali yuga. Looking here and there with a beautiful smile on his face he called Paravati devi to sit by his side.

Paravati joined him gladly and said, "My Lord I will not forget the favouring you have shown me today but I do not recognise he names you have uttered in your song. You have repeatedly praised the Kali Yuga, but what is in Kali Yuga?"

Maheswara sweetly responded, "in this Kali Yuga, Sri Krsna Caitanya will take his birth from the womb of Sri Saci devi in Nadia. He will have the complexion of Sri Radha and his beauty will conquer the entire universe including heaven and hell. He will destroy the pride of Kandarpa and will perform wonderful pastimes in Navadvipa. He and his associates will reveal the valuable love of Vraja and through him the magnificent ocean of sankirtana will become manifest to save the universe from damnation. During the appearing of this incarnation, no one will feel dissatisfied. Even former criminals will gain his favor. You will find no one who is such an ocean of love as Caitanya Mahaprabhu." 185-207

Thereafter Paravati began to worship Sri Gaurasundara in Navadvipa and Mahaprabhu happily appeared before her, shedding the light of millions of moons from his beautiful face. Parvati was overwhelmed by his large eyes, broad chest his decorative body, his beautiful clothes and his magnificent gait. When Parvati could not control her tears, the Lord Vishvambhara said sweetly, "Although you have worshipped me for so long, still you cannot control yourself. Please tell me whatever you want." 208-218

Parvati folded her hands and answered him gladly, "I know that you will bendict the Kali Yuga by your incarnation. You will easily destroy the tapa traya of the universe and increase the happiness of mankind. My Lord, as you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you must know why I am so restless. I am guilty of some misjudgment towards my devotees. When I curse Chitraketu I had to take birth as Viritriusura. But your devotee had such glorious character that even when he was cursed he eulogised me. My Lord, please give him a chance to be one of your associates in your pastimes in Nadia, and please allow me to observe your sports in Nadia at all times."219-226

Mahaprabhu answered, "your desires will all be fulfilled because without you I cannot perform my activities." Thereafter Mahaprabhu disappeared and Parvati fell on the ground in obeisances. Parvati placed the dust of Mahaprabhu's feet in the center of her hair. For that reason this place has been known as samanta dvipa. Parvati eagerly awaited the incarnation of the Lord in Nadia.227-230

Samanta dvipa is a holy place which can destroy the fear of this material world and can help obtain the gem of devotion. Until now the people of this area worshipped devi but in the Samalia village Sri Gaurasundara and his many associates enacted their pastimes and performed Nagara sankirtana. Thereafter Sri Ishana and the devotees continued their journey through Nadia. 231-237

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