Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 114


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Mar 18, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Eleven

After some days they entered Mathura and were delighted to see the beauty of the city. After offering obeisances to the brahmanas of Mathura, Sri Isvari and her associates went to Vishrama ghata to bathe in the Jamuna.

When the devotees of Mathura learned that Sri Isvari had arrived they came forward to meet her. They mahantas and Isvari were happy to meet them, and the devotees of Mathura cried in joy. Whoever saw the meeting of the devotees felt very fortunate to witness such a sweet relationship. The Mathura brahmanas immediately sent a message to Vrndavana announcing the arrival of Sri Isvari and then they escorted her to a beautiful house where whe rested for the duration of the day.

Sri Isvari visits Vrndavana

Sri Jahnava visited the Mathura temples of Varaha and Kesava deva and left the next morning for Vrndavana. The Vaisnavas of Mathura accompanied Sri Jahnava on her journey to Vrndavana, while the Gosvamis of Vrndavana came forward to meet her. It was near the holy place of Akara that they finally met. When Sri Jahnava saw the Vrndavana Vaisnavas approaching she asked Sri Paramesvara dasa their names. Sri Paramesvara dasa pointed out Sri Gopala Bhatta, Sri Bhugarva, Lokenatha, Krsnadasa Brahmacari, Krsna Pandita, Madhu Pandita and Sri Jiva. He told not only names but the designation of each of the Vaisnavas. The Gosvamis bowed at he feet of Jahnava and a very transcendental of the Vaisnavas of Mathura ensued. Sri Paramesvari introduced the disciples of Sri Acarya to the Gosvamis. He introduced Sri Govinda, the devout Vaisnava son of Ciranjiva Sena of Khanda and brother of Ramacandra Kaviraja, to the Vrndavana Gosvamis. Sri Gopala Bhatta and other gladly embraced him, and they were also pleased to meet Bhagavan Kaviraja and other devotees.

Then they took Sri Isvari and her followers to the place of Akrura and the temple of Sri Gopinatha. Sri Jiva told Jahnava Isvari that the place of Akrura was very lonely and therefore Mahaprabhu had often come here to avoid the crowd and peacefully beg alms. Sri Isvari sighed deeply and wept as she knelt before the holy place and paid her respects. From there she entered Vrndavana.

Sri Jiva had already selected a beautiful house for her and he took her there with her followers. After their worship of Sri Govinda, Gopinatha and Madan Mohana, the Vaisnavas came to visit Sri Isvari at her house. The residents of Vrndavana also came in a huge crowd to meet her. While she spoke privately with Gopala Bhatta, Lokenatha and others, Sri Jiva waited patiently to meet her. When she expressed the desired to visit the temples of Vrndavana they gladly took her to Sri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madan Mohana, Sri Radha Vinoda, Sri Radha raman and Sri Radha Damodara. She was enchanted by the beauty of the deities and offered them many ornaments and new dresses which she had brought with her from Gauda.

Sri Govinda recieves the title Kaviraja

When Sri Isvari and her followers returned to her house, she requested them to take rest. They all began to discuss the many incidents which had occurred during their travels and they described the grand festival of Kheturi to Sri Madhva Acarya, Lokenatha and others who were all happy to hear it. Then Sri Paramesvari Dasa requested the Gosvamis to listen to the verses composed by Sri Govinda. They all gladly accepted the proposal but were overwhelmed with the sweet and wonderful music composed and sung by Sri Govinda. Their appreciation of his music was so great that they unanimously offered him the title Kaviraja because of his creative ability. They predicted that he would be famous throughout the world as Govinda Kaviraja. Sri Isvari was most satisfied by this.

Sri Isvari visits Radha kunda

Sridasa Gosvami lived at Radhakunda when Sri Isvari arrived in Vrndavana and although he wanted to meet her he did not have the strength to walk to Vrndavana. Since the disappearance of Sri Rupa, Dasa Gosvami had given up eating and drinking water and was thus emaciated and weak. He passed his days miserably, hoping only to leave this world. Krsnadasa Kaviraja wanted the Vrndavana Gosvamis to meet Dasa Gosvami and therefore Gopala and Raghava Pandita went from Nandeswara and Govardhana to meet Sri Isvari about he condition of Dasa Gosvami. Sri Jahnava Isvari was sorry to hear his condition and told Gopala Bhatta and others that the next morning she would visit Radha Kunda. The Gosvamis advised her to return early after their visit to Radha Kunda. She should also rest and visit the various forests of Vrndavana. The next morning Sri Isvari and the Gosvamis started for Radha Kunda through the Bahula forests. She was enchanted by the beauty of Radha Kunda but in her mind, the deisre to meet Sridasa Gosvami was foremost.

Sridasa Gosvami lived in a lonely place and engaged himself in continuously chanting the holy name. Krsnadasa Gosvami went in advance to meet Dasa Gosvami and interrupted his kirtana to tell him that Sri Isvari was on her way. With an emotional surge he jumped up and went to receive Sri Jahnava. Jahnava saw that although his body was emaciated, Dasa Gosvami was as effulgent as the sun, and she began to cry spontaneously. Dasa Gosvami bowed at her feet and then met Sri Madhava Acarya and Jahnava's other associates. They all wept uncontrollably. The Vrajabasis of Arit village were happy to meet Sri Isvari. She stayed at Radha Kunda for three or four days and every day she cooked various items and offered them to Lord Krsna then she happily distributed the food to all the Vrajabasis of the area.

The miracle seen by Sri Isvari at Radha Kunda

One day at noon Sri Isvari heard the sound of a flute on the bank of the kunda and she restlessly looked in all directions. Suddenly she saw Shyamala Shyama standing beneath a kadamba tree in a pose so beautiful that kandarpa himself would be attracted. Shyama was smiling and playing his flute while Sri Radha, Sri Lalita and there other confidants stood around. Unfortunately Sri Isvari got only a brief vision of Radha and Shyamasundar because she fainted on the ground in emotional ecstasy. She regained her senses but she did not discuss this incident with anyone.

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