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Mar 16, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

Today we had an article in entitled, "The Guru: A Checklist". It is an interesting paper, for it presents many attributes supposed to be the guru's.

The problem is more in the concept of choosing the guru... Of course, now, in ISKCON the new concept of pure Krsna Consciousness we have, in a subtle way, puts at our disposal something like a full catalogue with the photos of the gurus, the characteristics of the "products", etc. At least, until now, thanks Krsna, we don't have the price of each one! At this rhythm, it will come soon...

So, when products are in a catalogue, generally they are not top-most products. I never received a catalogue from Ferrari or Rolls Royce companies. They have other commercial networks. And of course, the concept of choosing the guru puts someone (the chooser) again back to the center of everything. Somehow, we become again the controller. So, back to false ego paradise! Welcome!

Of course, as I said in an earlier article, everyone knows that we have chosen everything in our life: our country of birth, our family, the color of our eyes, our size, our character, the people we met in our life, etc., etc. And ALSO, of course, the moment and the place we meet Krsna Consciousness, did we not? So why not choose one's guru? It looks to be in the logic of this succession of deliberate choices and in continuity... It seems to have some coherence... As you know, we are the doers. Of course, when we think that we are in power to choose, it means that we have a certain power on the "object" of the choice, which automatically reduces the value of the "object" of this choice.

Well, in one sense it looks coherent with the real value of ISKCON gurus today. So, in this particular frame, there is nothing to argue! But in the absolute plan which must be ours if we really want to go to Krsna, actually there is a big problem! I never heard that any Prabhupada disciples chose Srila Prabhupada! When they met him, they became overwhelmed by Prabhupada's grace, authority and qualities. They could not resist! After, when they knew more about our philosophy, they could analyse things a little bit, but it stayed secondary.

To know all those pure devotees attributes is mainly to detect cheaters. If you would really see someone from the spiritual world, you would not have to scrutinize all those things to be convinced! It will just be an addendum. A confirmation. If someone does not understand that, it means that he (she) has no idea of what is the spiritual world! And if you would submit a person from the spiritual world to such an analysis of attributes and qualities from your own conditioned understanding of them, and make this analysis the first step and the most important criterion, surely it will be a big offense and you will not get their mercy.

There are also criterion to recognize Krsna, but if the Lord appears in front of you and you first go and take your list of criteria to check His divinity, I assure you that you will miss the opportunity. Your checklist will certainly confirm His divinity after, but to put it first is not part of surrender! Like some materialists who tell us: "First, show me God and I will believe in Him!" It can appear intelligent and logical, but it does not work this way!

So in Gita, Krsna says how rare is the person who really knows Him. Among thousands of people, only one will be interested in searching for the Truth... and again, among thousands of those people, only one will....etc....etc. There is no question of choice! Among billions of people, you will have maybe one pure devotee. So, one pure devotee on the planet! And sometimes not even one! So where is question of choice except, of course, if we make the word and our reality and idea of guru something cheap, in name and with the pretext of Lord Caitanya's mercy, which would make of all that something easy!

To end, I received emails from persons who imagine that what I say about some individuals like Nitai Gaurasundara das, for example, is something personal. That I have personal grievances against those persons. But it is not right! I could have, but those people, by their politics, actually gave me, from the year 2000 to the year 2012, twelve years of absolute freedom, chanting, holidays, travelling, easy money, happiness and so on! So, all my personal grievances and resentments are forgotten since my first journey and year of freedom in 2000! My anger is not something personal and is completely beyond that! I don't need ISKCON to live and to be happy!


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