A Month in the Life of Srila Prabhupada


Mar 12, 2017 — VRINDAVAN DHAM (SUN) — Excellent 50th Resource!

Srila Prabhupada looked forward to the monthly Sankirtan Letters. That was when we used to distribute books with a passion. Nowadays, everyone thinks book distribution is something that happens for Christmas Marathon, and after that the buses are put back in the parking lot tiLl the next year.

To really celebrate our 50th Anniversary, why not each and every temple revert to the original program and make daily harinam and book distribution or even traveling sankirtan our main family business. Scores could be sent to our LA BBT if they can convince some sincere soul to prepare monthly Sankirtan Newsletters to send out to all the centers.

That would be truly inspirational, and even better than all this fanfare of signage and hoopla, which seem to be popular for armchair members.


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