No More Sannyasa?


Mar 12, 2017 — UK (SUN) —

I was reflecting on the number of sannyasis
and sannyasinis who have been and gone since the disappearance of HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
The issue had been brought up as many of them left a trail of chaos and devastation in their wake.
What to speak of some of the behaviour of some of our current "spiritual heads of society".
Why no eyebrows are raised when one hears that "such and such" swami has a female secretary... or two?
The ongoing discussion as to why many of them do not have the ability to speak up against the many deviations appearing in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON....?
one also questioned the motivations behind "taking" sannyasa.
Name... Fame… Profit... Distinction... Adoration…
Or something else...
During the discussion...
one of my Godbrothers did tell me of this quote's existence,
but I could never find the reference point.

Well... here it is...

It's part of a room conversation with Srila Prabhupada, January 7th, 1977, Bombay:

"This should be strictly outlawed, no more sannyasis. And those sannyasis who have fallen, you get them married, live like a...
No more this showbottle, cheating.
It is very ludicrous.
Even there is a promise that "we shall not fall down again," that is also not believable.
What is the use?
And this kind of hypocrisy, they have taken sannyasa and mixing with women. This is not to be allowed.
If you want to be with women you get yourself married, live respectably.
We have no objection. But this hypocrisy must be stopped.
There have been so many fallen down.
First of all there will be no sannyasi anymore. I have got very bad experience.
And at least, we are not going to create new
And those that have fallen down, let them marry, live like respectable gentlemen. I have no objection.(......)
Get one wife and live like a gentleman.
Similarly women live with one husband fastidiously, live with children, what is wrong there? We have so many grhastha devotees. (......)
But what is this nonsense that you take sannyasa and make relationship with...
This should be completely stopped."

The GBC at that time must have been aware because...

"And we discussed the sannyasa recommendations...
And for next year no recommendations were made..."

(GBC Conversations, 2nd and 3rd of March 1977)

Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye...
Did Srila Prabhupada yet again institute the "taking" of sannyasa...?
Is there anyone out there who could shed further light or contribute to this discussion?


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