Sri Krishna Caitanya Radha Krishna Nahe anya


Mar 10, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) — A glorification of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu including some verses adapted from Caitanya-caritamrta Antya Lila ch.19, texts 19 to 40.

Sri Krishna Caitanya Radha Krishna Nahe anya
Advaita acarya's sonnet declares we have become mad
The rice not in demand, a vacant world, this is Caitanya
The acarya said one who speaks these words is also mad,
An order, Mahaprabhu smiles and declares
Why Advaita acarya performs worship, he is glad
But the Lord is then sent to another place
He is a mystic, to understand is not easy
Mahaprabhu's mood increases in haste
His mind moves quickly to a departure in Mathura
Questions were asked and his friends embraced

Where is Krishna
The moon rising from the ocean
Of the dynasty of Nanda Maharaja
Where is Krishna
Whose head is decorated
With the peacock feather
And who attracts the Vaishnava's hearts at large
Where is Krishna
Whose flute can produce such a sound
Where is Krishna
Whose jeweled indranila colour is found
Where is Krishna
Who is expert in rasa dance
Where is Krishna
Saves our life and brings about such auspicious trance
Kindly tell me where is
The treasure of my life
The best of my friends
Separation from Him is condemned
A cause of transcendental strife

Oh full moon from the milk ocean
Vraja residents drink Your beauty
Like the Cakora birds in constant motion
Where is Krishna
A heart that breaks
a moment without of His moonlike face
I cannot live or be awake
Dazzling damsels lilies grow hot
But soothing hands to cool
Dear friends that moon appeared
No concern for ridicule
The rainbow upon such a dark cloud
Lightning yellow garments
A necklace like ducks sitting proud
The blackish body triumphs
If the eye captures once
A heart that's locked in alliance
A body that enters the mind
Which will never come out
Captured stolen no escape to find

And so went Mahaprabhu's search
A search for His own beauty
Aided by confidants, His heart would lurch
From ecstatic mood to lament
Pacified by songs that search
For the mind and mood
Of service supreme
Who is known as Vraja's Queen
Whose every part of Her pure form desires
To unite with Her Lover
And a heart that requires
To see Him happy whatever the cost
A sacrificed heart
And Mahaprabhu's heart embossed
He Sees this glory, His beauty revealed
Then distributed, but concealed.
Confidential but tell the world
Maya keeps out
The proud, their minds unfurled
Taking in a false kingdom
With a view to Lord
Pity that soul for his heart that hoards.
But there again the Holy Name
Cures all ills from whence It came
Returns all to service and in delight
Friends, lovers, servants and parents
All destined, and in service unite.


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