Double Mistake


Jan 11, 2018 —FRANCE (SUN) — [Revised]

From Bhakta Torben's article, "Nonsense Ph.D." I learn that: "The reader will know that one of the main arguments for changing Srila Prabhupada's books, presented by corporate 'ISKCON', is to 'accommodate' scholars and academicians."

Great! That shows us perfectly how Maya devi works! After reading many of the "improved" Jayadvaita's Bhagavad-gita verses, I could see how bad is his work, even on the strict plan of literature. It looks the reverse or anti-Ph.D. work. A foolish child's one. It is that bad! Therefore, to think that scholars or academicians will appreciate this new version of Bhagavad-gita and moreover, will even prefer it to the original one is an incredible illusion. Jayadvaita was right to resign, recently, from the BBTI. He might have been fired soon anyway, with no diplomacy nor any honor. His resignation will, however, not save him much from the consequences of his nonsense.

In parallel of his very bad work on a strict plan of literature, there is, of course, the fact that he thought himself authorized (with the permission, it is true, of the enlightened GBC) to re-write his own guru's book and our Acarya's. And to introduce, knowingly or not, wrong philosophical points. I have shown that in some articles and other devotees as well. He has therefore condemned mankind to swallow inanities and to have the truth be hidden from them.

On the battlefield of Kuruksetra, Krsna explained to Arjuna what would happen if he did not want to fight: 1) he would lose his fame, name, glory etc....and would miss spiritual gain and 2) he would be forced to fight anyway because of his own nature. But, of course, at a lower level, pushed by the three modes of nature.

Therefore, double loss. And absolutely no gain.

It will be exactly the same for Jayadvaita and those who encouraged him or gave him permission to change the books. Great! That's what I call being pretty intelligent and thoughtful! Impressive... Some really deserve their title of guru. They are definitively bright enough to guide someone to Krsna! No doubt about it... you can follow them blindly.

But time is now, more or less, over for writing. Which itself has its limits. Time has come for concrete action. ISKCON will have the opportunity to see how little, limited and ridiculous is its half spiritual-material power. And how huge was its illusion!


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