Life Comes from Life


Jan 07, 2018 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) —

Sometimes amongst ourselves we fight over various interpretations of various tattva or management direction. These are all valid discussions and worthy of our attention. However, there is a greater argument to be had with atheistic science, that constantly bombards the conditioned souls with speculations, which they call scientific theory, although in their own definition a scientific theory can never be fact or law unless repeatedly observed in laboratories in controlled conditions. One can look up Wikipedia and its defined explanations of scientific theory.

Unless they can repeatedly show consciousness emerging from matter, the theory remains a theory, although the Darwinist wants to rush ahead and ignore the beginnings of his theory, which he was inspired by after hearing of the Greeks, who thought biological processes could cause consciousness. But back to basics. First, explain the beginnings is our answer, never mind the later speculation, which forbidden archeology nicely shows.

So the simple argument life comes from life, mix chemicals and produce consciousness still stands today as it did years ago. Why not, it's absolute truth. Consciousness is the cause of all matter, moving or non-moving, even super consciousness of the Supersoul enters every atom we are informed.

This is one of the main purposes of the Hare Krishna movement, To challenge these rascals. As Srila Prabhupada says, their scientific theory is not fact or law, unless repeatedly observed in laboratories in controlled experiments. Consciousness produces consciousness; no one in their sane condition can deny this fact. Preach strong and bold, following our Founder.


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