Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 81


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Jan 10, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Seven

The lamentation of Srinivasa

After the robbers had carried away the books Srinivasa's sleep was suddenly broken.108

At dawn Srinivasa and the othrs searched here and there for the books.109

Failing to find the carts they cried as though they had been struck down.110

Narottama decided to commit suicide and Syamananda declared he would enter into a blazing fire.111

How can I describe the pain of Srinivasa?112

The other men travelling in their party decided they would never return to thieir homes again.113

News of the robbery was circulated everywhere. Srinivasa and the others were plunged in an ocean of grief.114

When they recovered from the initiative shock they began to discuss what to do.115

Suddenly a certain voice told Srinivasa that he would find the books in the palace of the king of Visnupura, he should go at once and meet him.116

Srinivasa felt joyful and he simultaneously noticed auspicious signs around him.117

Realising that these signs had come from Prabhu himself, Srinivasa sent Narottama to Kheturi to obey the orders of Prabhu Lokenath. He sent Syamananda to Utkala via Ambika.118-120

"If the books are found I shll inform you and we will meet again, do not be worried," instructed Srinivasa.121

Srinivasa bid farewell to his two friends but who can describe their anxiety upon partine.122

On the order of the Acarya they went to Kheturi with anxious minds.123

Who can understand the activities of Narottama? His first mission was to infuse spiritual strenght in Sri Santosh.124

Upon meet Narottama the people of Kheturi gave up their grief and misery.125

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