A Question for The GBC


Jan 08, 2017 — MALAGA, SPAIN (SUN) —

My name is Japananda das (ACBSP). I am a disciple of Srila Prabhupada since 1976, currently living in Malaga, Spain. My question is: Looking at each year the resolutions of the GBC, what is the charge of each one, by area? And in Spain the manager is Hriday Caitanya Prabhu. What is the position of Bhakti Gouravani Goswami? There are no references.

And how he does not have respect for his brothers. Not by the leaders. I would like to know why his dictatorship? For example, in the farm making the business to sell trees, nobody agrees with the ecological disaster. But no one can tell him anything. Who should lead to know how the authority acts in ISKCON.

(The Bhakti Gouravani Goswami family are all disciples of Puri Maharaj, and are the authority in Malaga mandir, but logically, they don't believe in ISKCON gurus. Why they can live in the ISKCON temple? They can open their own temple for his guru. No?)

One more thing. Who chooses GBCs? Srila Prabhupada said that would be elected for temple president every 3 years. This is made?


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