Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 80


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Jan 08, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Seven

As news of the robbery spread the wise inhabitants of Visnupura lamented and discussed the incident amongst themselves.56

"Our wicked king has commited a great sin," said one man privately to another.57

"This traveller was gong to Khetra to visit Lord Jagannatha with his wealth from Vrndavana."58

"The wicked king has given trouble to a pious man and therefore the king will be punished."59

Another person sobbed silently in anticipation of the forthcoming misfortune of the entire Vana Visnupura.60

"In the land of Bharata there is no king as wicked as this one. Who will punish this sinner?"61

Another man said, "Because of his bad habits the king will certainly suffer in hell and will never be saved."62

"Everything about this man is bad; I wonder who can save him?"63

"Only Lord Narayana can bring good to such a person. Just see how he favored me the entire Kali Yuga which is beyond anyones's power of description."64

"Although Jagai and Madhai were born in a brahmin family of Navadvipa their activities were notorious."65

"In this Nadia lila Lord Narayana delivered these two notorious brothers who were once demons amongst the inhabitnts of Nadia."66

"Both man and demigods praised Gauranga for delivering the two brothers."67

"Jagai and Madhai turned into great devotees. Who can describe the Lord's transcendental activities?"68

"Lord Krsna Caitanya is God himself and he has given the living biengs the jewel which is sought even by Brahma.69

"But Lord Gauranga disappeared in Nilacala.

Now who will deliver this wicked king?70

Someone said, "listen brothers, this wicked king will be delivered by a true devotee of the Lord himself.71

But another man replied, "No it is utterly impossible to get darshan of such a devotee here. Why should a person come to this land of sinners?72

A scholar answered, "the scriptures say that the true devotee is always prepared to travel through the lands of the pious and impious and by his magnanimity he delivers mankind from damnation.73

"The Lord accomplishes his will through his devotees; not a single desire can be fulfilled without the mercy of such a true devotee."74

"I hope some true devotees appears in Visnupura," said one wishful man.75

"By his grace alone will the wicked ways of the king be changed. When Vira Hamvira becomes a Vaisanva sorrow will be removed from this place."76

The pious people prayed to the Lord to destroy the king's wickedness.77

While the honest people were praying the king's reformation, the king himself was happily receiving the stolen goods.78

Praising the robbers for their bold achievement, the king gladly rewarded them with clothes and jewels.79

King Vira Hamvira thought the carts belonged to western India. "On many occasions I have obtained great wealth but never before have I felt so satisfied about it. Certainly these carts must be filled with priceless jewels."80-82

He looked greedily at the crates and tore them open with his own hands. There in he found the priceless, jewel-like books of the Vrndavana Gosvamis.83

The sight of the bools struck the mind of the king with wonder and as he stared at them unflinchingly his heart began to change.84

In amazement the king called the astrologer and asked, "How did you calculate the arrival of this cart?"85

The astrologer replied, "My dear king in my calculations I found that the carts would contain priceless jewels."86

"Do not be afraid said the king, your calculations are correct."87

"They are not false, there is no doubt that these books are like jewels in all respects."88

"The receipt of such books is certainly my good fortune." Then he turned to the robbers.89

The king anxiously demanded, "Did you kill anyone, tell me the truth?"90

"They were all sleeping and none of them knew we stole the carts," said the robbers in self defense.91

"You ordered us not to kill and in fact we had no need to kill for we stole the carts without anyone knowing."92

The king was relieved when he heard that and turned to his brahmins, "All of my misdeeds are bout to go on trial."93

"I have given sorrow to some great man and I shall certainly be burnt in the fire of his anger."94

"If I get the opportunity to meet the man who possesses these books I shall take refuge at this feet."95

"Although I am a sinner, I am sure he will forgive me."96

The king dispatched several men in search of the pious man travelling with the cart and menwhile protected the carts and the books with great care.97

When the queen heard about the books she was extremely anxious to see them.98

The presence of the books within the palace added a kind of brillance to the enviroment.99

Bright and happy days dawned over Visnupura and a positive transformation came in the hearts of the evil minded people.100

King Hamvira longed for the day when he would meet the man who owned the books.101

While the king was once thinking about the books the Goddess of sleep descended on his eyes.102

In his dream the king saw a beautiful man with golden complexion and magnificant features.103

With a smile on his moon-like face the man told the king not to worry for his desires would soon be fulfilled.104

He will be pleased with you because you are his dedicated servant life after life, said the man in his dream.105

The dream vanished and the man disappeared; when the king's sleep was broken he began to cry.106

He shouted over and over, "what have I seen?" and looked around him. No one could understand his behavior.107

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