Astrology Services for Musical Instruments

Dear Friends, I am more than willing to trade astrological readings and services for musical instruments. The following is a list of what I need:

Harmoniums - preferred are simple ones, sturdy ones, small ones two octaves. But any that you can trade I will be interested in.

Mrdanga khol (clay, Bengali-type) are vastly, vastly preferred over dhol (wooden, southern type). No interest at all in fiberglass, rubber, plastic or anything like that.

Whompers these are the big karatala with the big semi-globe in the middle of each.

Above are my primary interest list, here are my secondary interests:

  • Vina
  • Shruti
  • Svarmandala
  • Tambura
  • Anything from india that jingles sweetly, like dancing bells and stuff.

Please contact me by email, and let me know what you have, or what you can get (if you live in India). I need the instruments shipped to Southern Japan. I will trade astrological readings and service very generously in exchange. To review my astrological services please see and

Vraja Kishor das / Vic DiCara

Posted September 2, 2010 by Vraja Kishor das

Gardner looking to barter seeds

Please contact Gadai dasa at

Posted August 20, 2006


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