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The King of Prayers
which petitions the most merciful sidelong glance of Srimati Radharani

As spoken by Lord Siva and recorded in the Urdhvamnaya Tantra

munindra-vrnda-vandite tri-loka-soka harini
prasanna-vaktra-pankaje nikunja-bhu-vilasini
vrajendra-bhanu-nandini vrajendra-sunu-sangate
kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You who are adorned by the leaders of multitude of sages! Oh You who takes away the miseries of the three worlds! Oh You whose face joyfully blooms like a lotus flower! Oh You who delights in playing love-sports throughout the secret forest bower-houses! Oh most charming daughter of Vrsabhanu, beloved of the King of Vraja, Sri Krsna! Oh You who are always associated with the King of Vraja Sri Krsna! When? Oh, When will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

varabhaya-sphurat-kare prabhuta-sampadalaye
kada karasyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"O You who dwells in a pavilion with a canopy of creepers spread over the branches of asoka trees! Oh You whose soft delicate feet radiate the pink-coral color of freshly sprouted tree- buds! Oh You whose upraised hand bestow the benediction of fearlessness! Oh You who are the source of divine opulences! When? Oh, When will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

savibhramam-sasambhramam drganta-vana-patanaih
nirantaram vasi-krta-pratita-nanda-nandane
kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You, with the bow of Cupid, Your delightful auspicious crooked bending eyebrows, You shoot Your arrow messages of love from the corners of Your eyes, which cause the charming son of Nanda to be struck with amorous delusions of noble submission to you for all eternity! Oh, When will you make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy."

kada-karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam?

"Oh You, whose golden form is brilliantly effulgent like lightning and campaka flowers! Oh You whose effulgent face eclipses the beauty of millions of full autumn moons! Oh You whose restless eyes are like cakora partridges moving to and fro! Oh, When will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

madonmati-yauvane! pramoda-mana-mandite!
priyanuraga-ranjite! kala-vilasa-pandite!
kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam?

"Oh You Who are an extremely joyful love-happy youth! Oh You who are decorated with the great happiness of love- intoxicated jealousy, pouting and anger! Oh You who has extreme pure loving affection for Your beloved Sri Krsna! Oh You, the most expert in all the various acts of amorous love! Oh You, the most learned in arranging amorous pastimes of pure love in super opulent secret bower houses in the best of forests! When? Oh, When will make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam?

"Oh You who are decorated with the diamond necklace of a limitless variety of feminine charms like artistic amorous gestures, ecstatic loving moods, and gentle mannerisms! Oh You, whose incomparable ecstatic love makes Your perfect breasts very plump like golden water jugs or like the temple mounds of a young elephant! Oh You whose enchanting mild sweet smile is like a line of flower pollen on the ocean of joy! When? Oh when, will you make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

latagra lasya-lola-locanavalokane
kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You whose arms are like fresh creepers of lotus stems playfully swaying in waves of the river of Your youthful pastimes! Oh you whose seductive very dark-blue (nila) eyes are like the tip of a creeper blown by a gentle breeze! Oh You whose playfull sports and alluring movements so enchant Mohan Krsna that He appears hypnotized by You into wonderful meetings! Oh When will You make me the object of your sidelong glance of causeless mercy?"

kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You smooth conchshell like neck, marked with three lines is decorated with a pure gold necklace! Oh You whose three strand necklace of woven jasmine garlands decorated with diamonds, emeralds, and pearls radiates splendid effulgence! Oh You whose every dark blue (nila) braids of hair are interwoven the bunches of flowers! When oh when will you make me the object of Your side long glance of causeless mercy?"

kada karisyasiha mam kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You whose round hips are decorated with a belt of dangling flowers! Oh You whose charmingly thin waist is decorated by a belt of tiny tinkling jeweled bells! Oh you, whose beautifully shaped legs taper gracefully from Your thigh like the trunk of the king of elephants! When, oh When will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You whose captivating anklebells make the sounds of various kinds of divine mantras resembling a group of royal swans singing! Oh You whose extreme superexcellent movements put to shame the swaying of a golden creeper! Oh, when will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

kada-karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam

"Oh You who is humbly worshipped by all the Lord Brahmas in unlimited millions of universes created by Lord Visnu! Oh You who is the bestower of benedictions to the daughter of the Himalayas, Parvati (Siva's wife), the daughter of Puloma, Saci (Indra's wife), and to Brahma's wife, Sarasvati! Oh You Whose toenails glow with the radiance of boundless mystic perfections and opulences! When oh, When will you make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?"

makhesvari kriyesvari svadhesvari suresvari
ramesvari ksamesvari pramoda-kananesvari
vrajesvari vrajadhipe sri radhike namo'stu te

"O Goddess, Leader of Vedic sacrifices! Oh Goddess leader of pious activities! Oh Goddess Leader of spontaneous devotional service! Oh Goddess Leader of all the demigods and Goddesses! O Goddess, leader of all knowledge in the three Vedas! Oh Goddess leader of enforcing scriptural principles! Oh Goddess Leader of all Goddesses of fortune! Oh Goddess Leader of forgiveness! Oh Goddess Leader of the pleasure forest of Vrindavana! Oh Goddess Leader of Vraja! Oh One and only authority who regulates entrance into Vraja! Oh Sri Radhika! I offer my most respectful obeisances unto You!"

May Sri Vrsabhanu-nandini, upon hearing my astonishing prayer recited, bestow Her most merciful side-long glance upon the speaker. At that time one will feel all the effects of past, present and future karma completely destroyed and gain entrance into the assembly of Nanda-nandan's Krsna's eternal loving devotees. That aspiring devotee who chants this prayer on the full moon day, waxing eight lunar day, tenth lunar day, eleventh lunar day (ekadasi), and thirteenth lunar day will find that his mind and intelligence become pure, each and every desire will be fullfilled without fail, and by the most merciful sidelong glance of Sri Radha, one will obtain pure ecstatic love (prema). The aspiring devotee who recites this prayer one hundred times while in the waters of Sri Radha Kunda up to the thighs, navel, chest or neck attains complete perfection in religiosity, economic development, fulfillment of desires, and liberation - the power by which everything spoken will come true, and great opulence from attaining transcendental majesty. At that time one gets to meet Sri Radhika face to face, seeing Her even with one's own present eyes and Sri Radhika becomes so pleased that She instantly bestows the greatest benediction of being able to see her own beloved Shyamasundara Krsna with one's present eyes. Then Lord Krsna, the Lord of Vraja-dhama, grants one entrance into His eternal ecstatic pastimes, which is the only goal for which true Vaisnavas hanker.

Translated by: Jana Janmadi Dasa on Radha-Astami day
(c) Copyright 1994 & 1995
All rights reserved. Janajanmadi Dasa
(Jeffrey Balawajder) 1994 & 1995.
Reprinted from Krsna Prema Vani, Oct 1995, with permission. Copyright, Hari Nama Mission, Badger, California.