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"Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. Therefore there is no difference between Him,
Lord Jagannatha and Lord Nrsimhadeva."
Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya lila 2:67

The Caitanya-caritamrta describes many wonderful pastimes of Lord Caitanya's absorbtion in worshipping Lord Nrsimhadev. He often visited the Lord Nrsimha deity at the temple in Jagannatha Puri, and traveled extensively through South India, visiting the Nava-nrsimha temples there.

In the mood of Lord Caitanya's devotional example, Srila Prabhupada instructed that Lord Nrsimhadev be worshipped in ISKCON temples as part of the daily arotik program. A picture of Lord Nrsimhadev appears on the altars or, in some cases, a Lord Nrsimha deity was installed along with Radha-Krsna or Gaura-Nitai deities, and Lord Jagannatha deities:

"Just like in our Vrindaban temple, you can have 3 Deity compartments. Facing the altar, Nrsimhadeva can be on the left, Guru-Gauranga in the center, and Jagannatha-Subhadra-Balarama on the right so that you can organize Rathayatra. You can begin the construction with cornerstone."

Srila Prabhupada's letter to Tusta Krsna, June 18, 1976

At Jagannatha Puri

"Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu had been regularly visiting the temple of Jagannatha every day, and at that time Govinda, His personal servant, used to carry His waterpot and go with Him. On the northern side of the Simha-dvara, behind the door, there are twenty-two steps leading to the temple, and at the bottom of those steps is a ditch. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu would wash His feet in this ditch, and then He would enter the temple to see Lord Jagannatha.

...On the southern side, behind and above the twenty-two steps, is a Deity of Lord Nrsimhadeva. It is on the left as one goes up the steps toward the temple. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, His left side toward the Deity, offered obeisances to Lord Nrsimha as He proceeded toward the temple. He recited the following verses again and again while offering obeisances.

"I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, Lord Nrsimhadeva. You are the giver of pleasure to Maharaja Prahlada, and Your nails cut the chest of Hiranyakasipu like a chisel cutting stone."

This and the following verse are quoted from the Nrsimha Purana.

"Lord Nrsimhadeva is here, and He is also there on the opposite side. Wherever I go, there I see Lord Nrsimhadeva. He is outside and within My heart. Therefore I take shelter of Lord Nrsimhadeva, the original Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Having offered obeisances to Lord Nrsimhadeva, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu visited the temple of Lord Jagannatha. Then He returned to His residence, finished His noon duties and took His lunch."

Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya lila 16:40-51

Other Nrsimhadev Pastimes

"Srivasa Pandita was performing the sraddha ceremony of his father, and as is customary, he was hearing the thousand names of Lord Visnu. At that time Gaurahari (Lord Caitanya) appeared on the scene, and He also began to hear the thousand names of Visnu with full satisfaction. When He thus heard the holy name of Lord Nrsimha, Lord Caitanya became absorbed in thought, and He became angry like Nrsimha Prabhu in His angry mood. His eyes became red, His hairs stood on end, all the parts of His body trembled, and He made a thundering sound. All of a sudden He took up a club, and people became greatly afraid, thinking, "We do not know what kind of offense we have now committed!" But then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu adjusted His thoughts and sat down on His seat.

In the mood of Lord Nrsimhadeva, Lord Caitanya ran through the city streets, club in hand, ready to kill all the atheists. Seeing Him appearing very fierce in the ecstasy of Lord Nrsimha, people ran from the street and fled here and there, afraid of His anger. Seeing the people so afraid, the Lord came to His external senses and thus returned to the house of Srivasa Thakura and threw away the club.

The Lord became morose and said to Srivasa Thakura, "When I adopted the mood of Lord Nrsimhadeva, people were greatly afraid. Therefore I stopped, since causing fear among people is an offense." Srivasa Thakura replied, "Anyone who takes Your holy name vanquishes ten million of his offenses immediately. "There was no offense in Your appearing as Nrsimhadeva. Rather, any man who saw You in that mood was immediately liberated from the bondage of material existence." After saying this, Srivasa Thakura worshiped the Lord, who was then greatly satisfied and returned to His own home."

Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi lila 17:91-98
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

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