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The Gayatri mantra has as its presiding deity, Savita (the divine originator), physically represented by the Sun, this mantra is also known as the Savitri mantra. The transcendental power of the mantra is brought out in the vivid personification of the goddess Gayatri. She is invoked in the dhyana part of worship as follows :

Mukta-vidruma - hema-nila-dhavala-chayair mukhair-tryakshnaih,
Yuktam indu-nibadha-ratna-makutam tatvarthavarnatmikam
Gayatrim varadabhayankusa-kasam subhram-kapalam gadam
Sankham chakram atha aravindayugalam hastair vahantim bhaje

I pray to the three-eyed Gayatri, her five faces tinged with shades of pearl, coral, gold, sapphire, and white, whose crown studded with precious stones is topped by the moon, the embodiment of utterances signifying the Supreme Truth, who wields the goad, the whip, the white skull, the mace, the conch and the discus (in six of her hands), and holding a pair of lotuses in each hand, displays with the other two the mudras conferring boons and fearlessness.