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Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory

Responds to Darwinian evolutionary theory concerning human beings with the counter-proposal "We did not evolve up from matter; instead we devolved, or came down, from the realm of pure consciousness, spirit." Contemplating the nature of a human being as much more than the synthesis of mere physical elements, but rather a melding of matter, mind, and spirit, Human Devolution is a thoughtful and extended transcendental discussion of who and what we really are -- and a welcome, iconoclastic, and thought-provoking contribution to Metaphysical Studies and Anthropology Studies. See Cover

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

Over the centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts proving that humans like us have existed for millions of years. Mainstream science, however, has supppressed these facts. Prejudices based on current scientific theory act as a "knowledge filter," giving us a picture of prehistory that is largely incorrect. See Cover

Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence

How Vedic knowledge was given to humanity by the Supreme. The history and traditional source of the Vedas and Vedic Aryan society. Who were the original Vedic Aryans. How Vedic society was a global influence and what shattered this world-wide society. Many scientific discoveries over the past several centuries are only rediscoveries of what was already known in the Vedic literature. You will see the advanced nature of Vedic knowledge that long superceded other noted cultures. The origins of world language and literature are found in India and Sanskrit. How Sanskrit faded from being a global language. The Vedic influence and proof of its ancient existence found in such countries as Britain, France, Russia, Greece, China, Japan, Egypt, and in areas of Scandinavia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. See Cover