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Vaisnava India

Vaisnava religious and spiritual tradition of East India. Vaisnava India is filled with dazzling color photographs of classical artwork, sculpture, temples, and much more, enhancing an erudite text by Geary Sheridan (a practitioner of Vaisnava and President of the Vedic heritage Foundation) that explains the basic nature, tenets, and various stories connected to Vaisnava.

Krishna's Musicians: Musicians And Music Making In The Temples of Nathdvara, Rajasthan

A community of hereditary musicians (kirtankars), still serve in the temples of the Vallabha Sampraday, a Vaishnava sect with its main centre in Nathdvara, Rajasthan. This deals with the role of music in the sampraday and with the lives of the musicians. Concerned with living tradition, and what it can tell us about the past. By revealing how music was created in Nathdvara, it provides new insights into the functioning of traditional artist communities and their response to the challenges of the world.

The Birth of the Ganga

Some Hindus declare that in Kali Yuga (the present-era Age of Darkness), the only source of purification is Ganga. . . . If the river is too far away, perhaps this book will serve almost as well. "One of the most beautiful books ever made, mostly in terms of an artistic sense. The story is interesting, but the inspiration and knowledge come from the silk water color paintings. These paintings are unique in the sense that they had to be repainted at least 10 times, while doing water washes between each painting until the water color becomes a part of the fabric. You can pour water on these paintings, but the color will not come off." See Cover

Vishnu: An Introduction

Written in simple narrative style, it takes us through contemporary Vishnu worship and Vaishnava imagery, philosophy, beliefs, customes, history, folklore and myth. The book reaches out to young and old alike, retelling femiliar legends of rama and Krishna as well as unfemiliar once like those of Vishnus consort and son. Also included are tales of his lesser known incarnations such as Prithu, Hamsa, Hayagriva and Mandhata. Highlights include lucid explanations and a pictorial key to numerous associated with Vaishnava customs and rituals, a map showing important vishnu temples, a bibliography for those interested in learning more and over 200 illustrations of which many are in color. See Cover

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